Vintage lovebirds and hanky invites at Liz & Kim's wedding

This is one DIY wedding where the decor truly is king. You'll adore the vintage bird details, hanky invites, newsletters for guests, handwritten programs and kids activity books, and a same sex wedding FAQ to answer any lingering questions for guests. The barbecue menu and barn venue just add the right amount of awesome to an already spectacular day.


Sweet wedding vows that include mating penguins and Broad City

Ten years ago I was sitting in a darkened movie theatre watching the documentary “March of the Penguins” and struggling not to cry. It was the scene where the emperor penguins had traveled over 100 kilometers to their ancestral breeding ground and had begun to pair off as mates, crossing their beaks over each other to show their love. It was beautiful and moving, but I also remember thinking: “Where’s my penguin?”