Keri & Jess' Avengers: Assemble wedding

Avengers: assemble for this slightly geeky and slightly traditional wedding of two gorgeous ladies who have a long history of trying to figure out which Avenger they would be. Spoiler: one of them is totally Captain America. Take a peek at the "wife & wife" cake, the handcrafted cake knife and many many flowers, and a sweet little story of one bride and her mother.


Karen & Michelle's "love, joy, and happiness" blue celebration of love

Blue details, a blue dress, a blue vest, and touches of red… this multi-hued wedding is something fabulous to look at, but also something that may get your tear ducts going. This pair shines in every shot. Their April wedding may not have been a legal ceremony, but a little miracle happened and well, you'll just have to see how it all went down after that.


Two grooms steal secret vineyard kisses and dance the hora at their California wedding

You don't have to have tropical beaches to make it a destination wedding! Jeff and Brandon said goodbye to New York and hello to California last October to get married in wine country. I dare anyone to flip through these gorgeous photos and NOT smile back at these two adorable men. The giggles! The kisses! The suits with tiny plaid! I personally could not hold back an "awww!" at their baby photos adorning the rows of chairs along the aisle. Seriously cool alternative to a slideshow or photo table.


I'm a combo platter of femininity and masculine traits: where's my wedding suit?

I tried on a couple of the dresses and felt more uncomfortable than I have felt since the fifth grade, when I allowed a girl to put makeup on my face for the first time. I saw the beauty in it — it just didn't feel right. Why did I want to wear a dress? All I could think about was my desire not to fulfill a stereotype that I actually fit into — the dress/pants lesbian wedding. Was that worth the discomfort that I knew I would encounter on what is supposed to be the best day of my life? NO. Time to look for a new plan.


Erin & Samantha's candlelight in the woods wedding

Two brides, two gorgeous white gowns… and two ceremonies (with three sets of vows!). This means we get multiple weddings all in one. Get ready for a forest ceremony in Michigan, a courthouse ceremony in where-it's-legal Canada, and some of the most gorgeous wedding party fashion ever. Oh, and just wait until you see their serendipitous wedding gifts to each other — so cute!


This groom serenaded his new husband at their monochromatic San Francisco wedding

July, surrounded by a sea of guests in all-white attire. Breezy white clothing, colorful roses everywhere, a stunning landscape — chic and sophisticated, right? Yes, AND the perfect juxtaposition for professional-grade serenades!

After David and Pablo shared their first kiss as husband and husband, Pablo began singing David's favorite: I Can't Help Falling in Love. My heart melted because ohmygod, one of my very favorite songs too! And then, AND THEN. A few of Pablo's professional theater friends stood up and began singing harmony.


It's a New York elopement complete with carousel for these two brides

Leana and Ally hail from Florida, but they chose to elope to New York City for their wedding last July. They said their vows in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with a jaw-dropping view of the NYC skyline. After teary kisses (sigh, my favorite), Leana and Ally trotted all over the city with photographer Sascha Reinking in tow. Chelsea Market, the Highline, the Meatpacking District… and what New York elopement is complete without a photo or two in Grand Central?

But, while every photo of these two loving New York City is fun and gorgeous, I absolutely love that they took a few minutes to chill on a carousel. Fucking magical.


Krys & Kayla's fairy tale castle wedding

When the bride told her groom that she had always wanted a fairy tale-style wedding in a castle, this groom didn't hesitate to do everything in his power to make it happen. And happen it did. Get ready for a fabulous castle venue, super helpful family (and hairstyling clients!), and a yummy list of food to round out this gorgeous day.