Who cares who leads? Non-gendered first dance ideas for all

My brother-in-law — who has never danced himself — once told me that it is only natural in dancing that the man leads and the woman follows. Having taught many partner dance classes, from Swing to French Folk, I can tell you that that is completely and utterly untrue. Of course there is nothing wrong with the "man leads, woman follows shuffle"-type first dance, but not every wedding involves one man and one woman. And even for those who do, there are many options beyond the traditional first dance…


Marilee & Lizz aka "Sasquatch and gnome" get hitched in a nature park

This "tall and small" couple are giving us feel-good goosebumps today. We've got a gnome and Sasquatch cake, etched wood decor, a scenic park venue, and a pup in a bow tie. Just wait until you read what they did for the first time in front of their family. It's tear-jerking. But our favorite part is the funniest moment. Hint: it contains Boy Scouts and a very special merit badge…


Warrior Brides of the 21st century: No more resting in bubbles of privilege

I am a Caucasian, cisgender, homosexual woman. My fiancé is transgender. Xe was assigned-female-at-birth but identifies as genderqueer and uses the gender neutral pronouns xe/xyr/xem. No one ever uses xyr correct pronouns unless they are explicitly told to use them and even then some people flat-out refuse. So what do we do about it? I am done sitting in my bubble of privilege. I am popping my bubble, donning the outfit of a warrior bride (think chainmail veil), and taking my vocal sword into the crowd and to my wedding!


When a tuxedo-clad "gride" and "broom" get married by a self-described drag clown nun

Nicole and Melissa's Washington wedding at Nature's Connection Place is one for the books! For starters, they crafted "gride" and "broom" signs for their chairs and were wed by a bearded be-glittered member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who officiated while rocking a massive rainbow sequined headdress. There were hints of purple in everything from the couple's matching boutonnieres to the violets cascading down the side of their wedding cake.


Make your own suspenders

Whether you're looking to make your own menswear accessories, or your own femswear accessories, we've got you covered. Suspenders are so chic, can be easily personalized, and are so easy to make!


Wedding shoes for dapper brides and offbeat grooms

Inspired by "Dapper," Offbeat Bride's new androgynous header illustration, I present my curated collection of wedding shoes for dapper brides and offbeat grooms.

…Because the masculine-inclined need cool shoes, too, and not just rentals from the tux shop. These are a mix of women's and men's shoes; I've had great luck wearing men's oxford and boots, although I don't know if it works the other direction.


Shoes for offbeat grooms, groomsmen, bridesboys, and lovers of fancy men's footwear

We all know that Converse are the un-official shoe of the Offbeat Groom, and that's awesome. We're fully in support of All-Stars. They're sweet shoes, and imminently affordable. But what about for the discerning dude who wants something a little more formal, a little less athletic? Something that's going to be fancy as hell and can be resoled?

Well! Today I bring you my current favorite crop of men's formal footwear.