Guests create What Love Looks Like art at this urban LGBT wedding in Denver

The minimalistic gallery let the rest of the wedding shine with an indoor/outdoor ceremony (thank you, garage doors!), bits of orange everywhere (including actual oranges in the flower vases!), DIY felt owls as favors, and a raffle for a trivia game. But my favorite part is hands down the ladies' ridiculously cool photo wall. Christina and Myf had asked their guests to give them a photo of what they thought love looked like, and the couple displayed the photos on a huge gallery wall with a sign that read "What Love Looks Like."


Unicorn headbands for EVERYONE at Alisha & Jenn's handcrafted glittery unicorn wedding

We can't adequately prepare you for the sheer awesomeness of this colorful unicorns everywhere wedding between two rad ladies in Tennessee. We're talking unicorn masks, handmade unicorn headbands for EVERYONE, life-sized unicorn faux taxidermy, 11 dog-sized papier-mâché unicorn sculptures, bright feathers instead of flowers, and hundreds of upcycled wine bottles covered in rose and yellow gold glitter of all varieties. It was an explosion of glitter and fantasy that will make your year. Don't miss the Gremlins 2 reference, too!


Games and dancing at Yvonne & Melissa's wine-themed wedding in Chicago

These two gorgeous ladies wanted an awesome party — excellent food and drinks flowing with positive vibes. Plus, there were some real lessons learned when it came to being positive on someone's wedding day. You'll want to read this advice. Don't miss their awesome ceremony entrance and gorgeous last-minute restaurant venue choice!


Rain can't dampen spirits at Chels & Samantha's New Zealand wedding

A first look with the mums, two short dresses on two brides, a lovely, rainy day at the arboretum, and so much love — this wedding slays us. Don't miss the rainbow cord handfasting, the clouds and balloons cake, and the amazing moment where a set of twins decide to make the ceremony all about their "gobbledygook" and lots of hugs.


Two brides, one ultimate Pi Day wedding

Courtney and Diana had the ultimate Pi Day wedding: 3/14/15. The couple had originally planned to celebrate with a commitment ceremony, but Florida legalized same-sex marriage barely two months beforehand — and these ladies switched up the plan to get legalled!