Two grooms steal secret vineyard kisses and dance the hora at their California wedding

You don't have to have tropical beaches to make it a destination wedding! Jeff and Brandon said goodbye to New York and hello to California last October to get married in wine country. I dare anyone to flip through these gorgeous photos and NOT smile back at these two adorable men. The giggles! The kisses! The suits with tiny plaid! I personally could not hold back an "awww!" at their baby photos adorning the rows of chairs along the aisle. Seriously cool alternative to a slideshow or photo table.


This groom serenaded his new husband at their monochromatic San Francisco wedding

July, surrounded by a sea of guests in all-white attire. Breezy white clothing, colorful roses everywhere, a stunning landscape — chic and sophisticated, right? Yes, AND the perfect juxtaposition for professional-grade serenades!

After David and Pablo shared their first kiss as husband and husband, Pablo began singing David's favorite: I Can't Help Falling in Love. My heart melted because ohmygod, one of my very favorite songs too! And then, AND THEN. A few of Pablo's professional theater friends stood up and began singing harmony.


Get your rainy-day cuddle on with these two grooms in Hawaii

Y'all know we love our rainy weddings at Offbeat Bride, and this is one for the frickin books. Chad & Eric got married at Kualoa Ranch on an overcast Hawaiian day. Their first-look photos are some of the most epically sweet I've ever seen: Eric's suit is sprinkled with raindrops as he tries not to cry in Chad's arms (squeee!). The couple positively shine through the soggy conditions, roaming the beaches and posing like fashion icons.


It's Up to Us is fighting the good fight for same-sex marriage in Australia, and you can too!

The latest survey tells us that 72% of Australians support marriage equality; this is the highest that support has ever been in our country. Unfortunately, this is not a view shared by our government. The feminist me — who is so freaking grateful to the feminists who fought for the rights she now enjoys — has had enough. I have rights because of those who came before me, and it’s up to us to fight for marriage equality for those who are here now, and those who come after us.


These two grooms bring new meaning to dapper finery

The ability to turn up one's cuffs just so is an enviable skill. This and other hints of impeccable style were evident at Russell and Cord's Seattle wedding last October. Married in a small ceremony at The Sanctuary, the couple helped each other get ready for the day. Adorableness awaits you in the photos, with the gentlemen adjusting each other's ties, showing off colorful socks, and messing with cufflinks.


How do you deal with potentially homophobic guests at your gay-friendly wedding?

So the homophobic-tendency people are off the list, and I can live with that — but what if this happens anyway, because I missed someone on the list with views I didn't know about? Has anyone else ever had a problem like this happen to them? How did you handle it? Do you have family that is prejudiced, and how did you handle knowing about their issues, and reconciling that with your wedding guests?


Kevin & Mark's rainbow psychedelic three-day wedding

This three-day celebration is all about color, amazing hand-carved landscapes, and fab entertainment. We're talking stilt-walkers, costumes, lasers, and a pre-wedding disco party where everyone wore bridesmaids dresses! And just wait until you see how these two crafted their rings. Hint: it involves a neuroscientist!


Triquetra Photography: the Chicago wedding photographers with a gay giveaway and a metallic discount

Oh, you guys HAVE to remember Victoria and Jacqueline's tiny, thrifty, dressy wedding celebration. Those ladies were so adorably in love with each other that we all fell adorably in love with them. Want an exciting update about Victoria and Jacqueline? Recently they moved just north of Chicago, and then teamed up with Josh, a cinematographer, to create Triquetra Photography! Gawd, I love talking about Offbeat Brides-turned-Offbeat Vendors…