A sunset catamaran ceremony, a travel theme, and two dudes in love

Michael and Marco were planning their wedding celebration in Texas before the memorable "Love Wins" announcement. The excitement really ramped up after the ruling passed. They love to travel and were brought together by their love of '80s music and movies, so that was included in their theme. The pair sailed off at sunset on a cruise with champagne for the catamaran ceremony.


Swoon at these dapper dudes with a "Prince Charming marries Prince Charming" theme

These two dapper-as-hell, handsome gents are both from Texas, but somehow didn't meet until they were both living in the Bay Area. When they finally got married, it was all about the theme: Prince Charming marries Prince Charming! There were longline jackets, costumes, origami cranes, fabulous flowers, and a gorgeous castle-themed cake perfect for two princes in love.


The matching suits at this Vegas wedding will fill your heart with floral-covered joy

I don't know if I can adequately prepare you for the super chic matching suits on Lance and Cary. It's almost too much to bear. You just have to see it, appreciate it, and let it fill your heart with joy. The matching fabric was originally spotted on a pillow while they were shopping for their interior design clients, and they felt it totally pulled together the garden feel of the venue and their fave color. Plus, they've been together for 28 years and counting, so we're looking at long-time love in action. Swoon city, people.


You'll fall so hard for Nicole & Asher's free expression, red dress, totally non-conforming wedding

The theme to this wedding was "freedom of expression." These two had to overcome many obstacles from society in regards to orientations, identities, and professions. Freedom to express themselves was the top priority. You'll definitely want to see the red dress, awesomely dapper suit, 1000 cranes at the BBQ reception, and super personalized and intimate touches everywhere.