Erin & Samantha's candlelight in the woods wedding

Two brides, two gorgeous white gowns… and two ceremonies (with three sets of vows!). This means we get multiple weddings all in one. Get ready for a forest ceremony in Michigan, a courthouse ceremony in where-it's-legal Canada, and some of the most gorgeous wedding party fashion ever. Oh, and just wait until you see their serendipitous wedding gifts to each other — so cute!


Krys & Kayla's fairy tale castle wedding

When the bride told her groom that she had always wanted a fairy tale-style wedding in a castle, this groom didn't hesitate to do everything in his power to make it happen. And happen it did. Get ready for a fabulous castle venue, super helpful family (and hairstyling clients!), and a yummy list of food to round out this gorgeous day.


Queer femme hearts trans man: the legitimacy of love

Being fully, unapologetically ourselves comes with risks and can be both contentious and dangerous. We are violated, belittled, deprived of love, victimized, isolated and left wanting… both by larger systems and communities, and by people we thought we could trust. Amidst the pain or discomfort, we have to remember that there is hope.


Marilee & Lizz aka "Sasquatch and gnome" get hitched in a nature park

This "tall and small" couple are giving us feel-good goosebumps today. We've got a gnome and Sasquatch cake, etched wood decor, a scenic park venue, and a pup in a bow tie. Just wait until you read what they did for the first time in front of their family. It's tear-jerking. But our favorite part is the funniest moment. Hint: it contains Boy Scouts and a very special merit badge…


Rachel & Russ' queer bluegrass brunch wedding

Did someone say "gorgeous outdoor lawn games and square dancing wedding?" Yeah, I just knew you were thinking about it. Well get on board with this one: croquet, cigars, bow ties, and the couple handing out ice cream. Plus, you'll love the ceremony structure and big ol' singalong at the end. To what song, you ask? RING OF FIRE!


Meredith & Ainsley's gingham and glitter wedding weekend

A survey for guest needs, customized snacks in your camp-style guest house, a nostalgia-themed lunch, a pool, trivia, and games all weekend? We are officially ultra-jealous of attendees of this wedding. This couple, who totally knows how to cater to their awesomely diverse community, managed to pull off a stellar wedding weekend full of love, hilarity, and choreographed dance moves.


Male wedding privilege as seen from a transgender groom's perspective

I have been thinking about the weird privilege I've held as the male-presenting person in this relationship. I believe this is because people want to honor my identity and respect my maleness, yet it feels uncomfortable and untrue… because it erases the fact that those images don't actually fit our queer relationship, and they don't include my trans-ness.


Let there be Doc Martens for all at this blended-family, city-hall wedding

This wedding was a long time in coming for Jace and Michael — they met on their school bus in 1997! And wow: do they look positively elated to be together or what? The couple celebrated their City Hall marriage with bow ties that matched each other's and Doc Martens that matched everyone else's. The iconic shoes are only a fraction of the familial togetherness that radiates in these photos: check out Jace painting a kid's nails, the family picnic after the ceremony (for which the couple showed off their cooking skills), and the most tender-hearted hugs I think I've ever seen.