Karen & Michelle's "love, joy, and happiness" blue celebration of love

Blue details, a blue dress, a blue vest, and touches of red… this multi-hued wedding is something fabulous to look at, but also something that may get your tear ducts going. This pair shines in every shot. Their April wedding may not have been a legal ceremony, but a little miracle happened and well, you'll just have to see how it all went down after that.


Jeanz & Rich's seaside New England jazz brunch wedding

Get ready to see some lovely seaside photos, a little jazz band who traveled all the way from Chicago to Maine, a bunch of groomsmen who look like they stepped out of a shmancy catalog, and amazing hats everywhere (including matching on the wedding party!), but the real story here is the bride's most gorgeous pant suit! She rocks it like nobody has. And this couple's funniest moment did get a very out-loud laugh from us. Let's just say it has to do with getting stuck… and an OBGYN.


Ian & Jonathon's laid-back wedding with cupcakes and vests

These two are killing it with cute. You have to see their green and blue matching vest outfits and the bride's pants outfit with heels and a feather hair clip. Though this wedding had some serious grief surrounding it, they were still able to have a fantastic time with immediate family, lots of rough-housing in the photos, and some carrot cake vows and Chapstick ceremony sweetness. Yep… Chapstick.


Diana & Shannon's steampunk zoo sci-fi wedding

This sci-fi and steampunk-loving wedding is so full of DIY projects and amazing sights, you'll be pretty damn dazzled. Add in the amazing Beatles cover band, their "steampunk bling table," and of course, the San Diego Zoo setting, and you're in for animals, costumes, and a good ol' time.


Teary smiles are allowed at this rooftop wedding in Colorado

Red lipstick and freckles — I could eat that combo for breakfast. It looks like I'm not the only one appreciating Carrie's wedding style. Her bride Ria is sending some of the most adorable admiring gazes her way. Ria's no slouch on the fashion either, in a stellar vest and checkered shirt. The couple got married on the rooftop of Fort Collins' Lincoln Center, reading their own vows and shooting dazzling smiles all over the place.


Be very impressed with the steampunk couture these brides pull off

Alexis and Chelsea got married just a few months ago in a small ceremony in Illinois. And, no big, they were only decked out from head to toe in absolutely fabulous steampunk finery. Alexis is making it look like she wears a corset, bustle, and high-heeled boots every day, and I only wish I looked as good as Chelsea does in a checkered vest and pinstripe pants. The ceremony took place at a Spanish-style mansion, amid bouquets of Edgar Allan Poe book pages.


Go on safari with these two South African brides (and a baby giraffe!)

Pip and Pink married each other while surrounded by a dozen or so loved ones at Nambiti Game Reserve in their native South Africa. Festooned in leopard print scarves and swaddled in ponchos against the rain, the women enjoyed a tour of the reserve after the ceremony. So yeah, I've got photos for you from Studio NouveauThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them of a zebra, an elephant, a lion — but dare I say you'll be most excited about the BABY GIRAFFE?


Their Celtic, blue-moon wedding marked the 24th anniversary for these two brides

Dee and Deb had already been together for 24 years when they married each other in upstate New York on a literal blue moon. Time flies — this August will mark another two years since their wedding! The couple kept things very simple, purchasing rings, clothing, and a few items for the ceremony online. The ceremony itself looks fascinating, with rituals that involved sharing drinks from a chalice, a handfasting, and jumping the broom. Dee and Deb shared an intricate cake, showcasing phases of the moon, and a toast to cap the intimate occasion.