Amy & Kim's wedding glows with lights, crafts, and love

These two ladies crafted a truly gorgeous wedding with nature-inspired decor, fairy lights, an amazing handmade ring box, and perfectly matched readings. Don't miss the 93-year-old flower granny, the amazing ceremony venue, the pastel paper flower bouquet, and the lovely memorial tribute.


Sarah & Jillian's Halloween costume-optional queer wedding

Winery photos, autumn details, and two cuties who got married on their five-year anniversary — are you in or what?! There's also amazing advice about seating charts, eating before the ceremony, altering your outfits, leftover catering, and more. Seriously, this pair knows what they are doing!


Chris & Kyle's accidentally Whovian excellent adventure wedding

Lots of DIY, a butch-identified "bride" in a snazzy suit, and some amazing moments on the dance floor — you must see this Whovian meets Bill and Ted wedding. You may also learn a little something from the six Ps of Theater: proper planning prevents pitifully poor productions.


Karen & Michelle's "love, joy, and happiness" blue celebration of love

Blue details, a blue dress, a blue vest, and touches of red… this multi-hued wedding is something fabulous to look at, but also something that may get your tear ducts going. This pair shines in every shot. Their April wedding may not have been a legal ceremony, but a little miracle happened and well, you'll just have to see how it all went down after that.


Jeanz & Rich's seaside New England jazz brunch wedding

Get ready to see some lovely seaside photos, a little jazz band who traveled all the way from Chicago to Maine, a bunch of groomsmen who look like they stepped out of a shmancy catalog, and amazing hats everywhere (including matching on the wedding party!), but the real story here is the bride's most gorgeous pant suit! She rocks it like nobody has. And this couple's funniest moment did get a very out-loud laugh from us. Let's just say it has to do with getting stuck… and an OBGYN.


Fall in love with these two brides at their sunny Los Angeles backyard wedding

Lori and Rachel did their own thing and got married in a friend's backyard in Los Angeles. What's especially awesome is that each bride also did her own thing with her individual look: Lori wore a smart-looking black suit with an amazing white collar, Rachel was in a yellow sundress with bare feet, and they each completely rocked their unique style.