Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

If you're an old skool Nintendo fan, you need to see this elegant Super Mario wedding. We're talking felt fire flower bouquets and boutonnieres, tossed baddie plushes, Mario shoes and color scheme, and a kick-ass photo booth that would make any video game fan change their profile picture. Are you ready for this blast from '80s past? Let's take a peek at the whole gamer wedding…


Up your card box's geek game by using an original Nintendo Entertainment System

Heather and Matt had lots of 8-bit references in their wedding, but our favorite was definitely their Nintendo card box. The best part was their instructions sign that read, "If it does not work on first try, blow on card and reinsert card." HA. If you don't get that reference, you're most likely a youngin'.

This project brings so much retro radness in a small, DIYed package that will appeal to all your old school gamer pals.


1UP your day with this Super Mario wedding!

WHERE MY NINTENDO NERDS AT? Sheana and Mark said their vows in Dallas last September to the tune of the Super Mario theme song. And I mean that literally. This is a majorly intense Super Mario themed wedding — first, you have to appreciate that Sheana switched to a pink dress and a Princess-Peach-perfect crown for the reception. And Mark added a simple red cap to pretty much cosplay as Mario in formal wear. And then of course there are the guests (the guests) dressed as Marios, Luigis, Toads, and DONKEY KONGS.