Jen & Rod's papercraft-y city gamer wedding

These UK gamers certainly know how to put effort into their decor — you might lose your shit over their amazing papercraft centerpieces based on game developers. But it's the little touches that made us grin: the Calvin & Hobbes vows, the kitty collar moment, the serenade-turned-glass crash moment(!), and of course, the big love for their friends and family. This is a geektastic-meets-metal winner, you guys.


Use giant dice to show off your wedding date

Offbeat Bride member Cari and her fiance Matthias just sent out their Save the Date postcards for their wedding in Aachen, Germany. These two smart nerds came up with a crafty way to highlight their wedding date — by building their own giant dice and positioning them just so.


Angela & Ty's international seaside elopement

Relieve your wedding planning stress by basking in the easy-going glow of this Vancouver elopement. No mess, no stress (except for a teeny shoe snafu!), and this sweet elopement of two lovers from two countries will warm your hearts. Mint details, a seaside venue, a super helpful marriage commissioner — it's a story of long-distance that will make you root for these two.


Megan & John's Legend of Zelda geeky gamer union

Fire Flowers, MegaMan, Bob-omb, Mario, Link, and the making of player twos… this is a gamer geek's wonderland. You have to see the costumes, the 8-bit cakes, and of course, the TRIFORCE UNITY CEREMONY! Come geek out and get your game on. Just don't nibble the favor soap!


How to make a Portal Companion Cube card box

We were inspired by this post on Craftster to make a Companion Cube card box. And then we found the basis for our templates (to which we made some crucial modifications) over here. But we had to make a bunch of mods to make these work the way we wanted them to, and it was kind of terrifically complex. So I figured in case anyone else wanted to give this a try, I'd post what we did to help ease the process for y'all. So here goes…


So many buckles: Rob's amazing red gothic fairytale groom gear

We'll hopefully be profiling the full wedding soon, but I have to stop first to give some snaps to Rob here and his impeccable gothic-tinged suit, complete with one of the most beautiful red jackets I've seen in a long time. Oh, and the buckled red vest? Amazing. The detailing, you guys… THE DETAILING. And the accessories! And his bride, Liz. Just wait…


Giovanna & Jonathan's colorful gamers and costumes wedding

When a Stormtrooper walks you down the aisle and Darth Vader is the flower girl, you know you're in for something geektastically awesome. Add in the video game details, the epic costume party, and the amazingly colorful reception dress, and it's on like Donkey Kong. Oh, and wait until you see their lightsaber candle ceremony!


Jen & Nick's Warcraft and weaponry wedding

Pick a side: Horde or Alliance for this geektastic World of Warcraft, LEGO, and crafted weapons (worthy of the best cosplay) wedding. Instead of a sweetheart table, a loot table… instead of traditional table numbers, raid bosses. Pick your weapon, regen your mana, and get ready to raid at this wedding worthy of the word "WoW."


Ashley & Jake's steampunk adventure trolley wedding

There are a few ways to avoid a bunch of time-consuming group portraits, but this one is one of our favorites. These two rented an open air brass-railed trolley for a perfectly suited steampunk backdrop for their photo shoot! Add that to the bride's handmade reception gown, amazing steamy costumes, and a gamer-themed musical at the reception, and you'll be totally transported. Oh, and wait until you see who ended up wearing a white wedding gown. Hint: it wasn't the bride!