Lose yourself in the fantasy of a Renaissance Faire wedding

This is a Renaissance Faire wedding for the books, you guys. Cera and Gerrick said their vows last October in a medieval-style castle in New Hampshire. Of course, Gerrick wore a sword, and Cera had a beautiful corset made by her sister. But my jaw dropped when I saw that all their guests dressed to the nines for a Renaissance Faire wedding. We've got a jester and a knight and… is it weird that my favorites are the older ladies dressed in elaborate gowns and hats? Hell, that's what I want to wear when I'm 60.


Lightsabers, games, and hand-painted shoes at Kellylane & Joseph's Star Wars wedding

Get ready for lots of Star Wars detail goodness: a candy buffet with Pixie Stix lightsabers, gummy bear Ewoks, Han's Rolos, and Jabba's Jelly Bellys, action figure centerpieces, board games, and photo booth props. The groom is dressed as Han Solo, the Force is with the card box, and we're so on board with this wedding. Oh, and just wait until you see the bride's hand-painted heels!


When Daleks and the Sith sabotaged a wedding: Lore & Martin's theatrical wedding

This wedding is blowing our collective minds with its extensive ceremony plotline about Daleks and the Sith plotting to ruin the wedding, groomsmen being impaled, the bride entering with a katana, a wild battle right at the altar… this is required reading, you guys. Just wait until you see the bride's handmade embroidered musical notes gown, too!