Sexy stormtroopers & the king of all photobombers: 5 unbelievable wedding photos from Mike Allebach

Look at that photo before you. Just look at it! Is this not one of the best bridesmaid photos you've ever seen? It's like a photo straight from Darth Vader's wedding album!

Speaking of great photos, allow me to show off four more so-awesome-they're-almost-unbelievable photos from longtime sponsor, and friend of the Empire, Mike Allebach. And while we're wrapping our minds around these incredible images, you can also wrap your mind around his special offer to our readers…


See Vader kiss a stormtrooper at this Star Wars beach wedding

Years ago, Joey met Kiara in Hong Kong, they're currently living in New York, and they decided to say their vows in the Florida Keys last June. Whew! These world travelers wanted to keep things pretty simple… you know, a classic dress, a great suit, just a casual destination wedding in sunny weather. But you can't keep offbeat down, and Joey and Kiara sneaked some geek into their classy elopement with a Star Wars beach wedding!


When Star Wars and Back to the Future met for Rachel & Matthew's wedding

A surprise Delorean time machine for the groom, a processional with Darth Vader for the bride, a custom kitty-loving cake topper, and so many Stormtroopers — this geeky wedding is stealing our hearts. Back to the Future and Star Wars have never looked so good together. Don't miss the bride's adorable Irregular Choice shoes, the movie-themed centerpieces, and the Zumba dances at the reception.