Ember & Andrew's Mario Bros. meets Star Wars game store wedding

A Star Wars Sand Trooper, Mario mushrooms, and some retro styles all in the couple's favorite game store — this is one geeky fabulous wedding. Wait until you get a load of the homemade Kransekake, their first dance story, and the bride's lacey vintage-styled dress. Oh, and you'll get a kick out of what the groom did with their Mario cake!


Emily & Branan's Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton wedding

PEZ dispenser and Simpsons centerpieces, a baseball card guestbook, a huge styrofoam Yoda, and badminton birdie decor… have we boggled your mind enough yet? Oh, well then you may want to sit down for the groom's outfit reveal. Think Randy "Macho Man" Savage at his wedding. It's epic, but don't miss the bride's badminton racquet bouquet, Murder, She Wrote unplugged ceremony sign, and rubber ducky place cards.


Lisa & Adam's Southern gothic nerdy wedding

These two gothically-inclined cuties totally know how to combine TARDIS cookies with elegantly dark decor, sweet vows with a gorgeous stage ceremony, and Southern charm with grace in the face of grief. This wedding had its share of challenges, but the end result was something to be admired. Oh, and just wait until you see how the father/daughter dance ended up one of the funniest moments!


An elegant Star Wars invitation suite, for a more civilized age

When we first thought about having a Star Wars-themed wedding, I knew I had to design all the stationery myself. Of course, we chose a theme that is already its own brand, but I didn't want to just arbitrarily take from what's already in existence, and I wanted something a little more elegant than geeky. So how do you create a "brand" or consistent theme that is totally geeky, with an established standard, yet still keep it elegant?


Wedding photography that's "a little nerdy and a lot laid back" from Atlanta's YouAreRaven

Photographer Raven Shutley is a traveling wedding photographer, who's as obsessed with emotions and what makes you YOU. So if one of you is chillin' in a creek in your wedding clothes, or a Star Wars fanboy, and the other is Browncoat, then your Boba Fett/Jayne wedding portrait request is exactly what Raven wants to shoot. Let's talk about how you can get your hands on your own photoshoot mash-up of you-ness with a special discount from YouAreRaven.


Amanda & Jason's classy galactic Star Wars extravaganza

This pair started talking on May 4th (Star Wars Day!), so it only made sense to complete the circle with a wedding on the same day. With Han and Leia cake toppers, a Death Star cake, and of course, the 501st Legion, it was an intergalactic good time. And when you're looking to up the fun game on your photo booth, have some cardboard cut-outs handy!