Lightsabers, games, and hand-painted shoes at Kellylane & Joseph's Star Wars wedding

Get ready for lots of Star Wars detail goodness: a candy buffet with Pixie Stix lightsabers, gummy bear Ewoks, Han's Rolos, and Jabba's Jelly Bellys, action figure centerpieces, board games, and photo booth props. The groom is dressed as Han Solo, the Force is with the card box, and we're so on board with this wedding. Oh, and just wait until you see the bride's hand-painted heels!


25 Star Wars weddings that were more powerful than you could possibly imagine

Thanks in no small part to our managing editor of awesomeness, Megan, we at Offbeat Bride have a long and glorious history of loving Star Wars weddings. We've seen (and crashed) many a wedding that would do Han and Leia proud. In homage of this time known as Star Wars Week (what, you don't wear a Chewie T-shirt on May 4th?), we've got 25 of our most favorite moments in Star Wars weddings for you to drool over.