Greta & Erty's community-made Victorian-styled wedding weekend

You know those weddings where you just end up grinning like a damn fool because everyone just looks glowing with happiness and gratefulness and someone walks by and thinks you're watching something naughty? Yeah, well, this is that kind of wedding. Get ready to look very silly laughing and crying at adorable guitar-playing dads, top hat- (and ice cream-) wearing couples, inflatable horse and pool noodle jousts, giant Jenga, tear-jerking ceremony songs… and I can't even fit it all in here!


Meridith & Kevin's Victorian-inspired autumn wedding

The wedding explodes with Victorian style, rich hues, and elegance. Add in the pagan ceremony, secret tattoos, and double top hats, and you're in for a treat. And just wait until you see the bride's favorite moment (sobs!) and the feeling the bride describes at the ceremony (shivers!).


Laura & Jason's tattooed and belly-dancing historical wedding

When the bride and her sister make eight hardcore Victorian-inspired outfits for the wedding, you know this is serious-business history love. Add in the Victorian dancing, regimental band, and amazing belly dance and drum performance, and you've got a recipe for an outstanding wedding celebrating a gorgeous family home and era. Wait until you hear what the bride did with her antique ring!


Bask in the glory that is teary-eyed, fall-colored, Art Nouveau wedding romance

What pulls on the heartstrings more than a groom who gets all choked up seeing his bride for the first time? The answer is nothing. My heart about stopped when I saw the look on Joshua's face as he saw Holly walk down the aisle. Seriously, the man cannot take his eyes off of her. I, in turn, cannot take my eyes off of both of them. How delicious do they look in their Victorian/Celtic outfits? Joshua is wearing an honest-to-goodness cravat, and Holly has a custom corset — with a removable skirt. Because a girl has to be able to folk dance later.


Shana & Micah's Victorian wedding with a dad-moon

Give us a mantilla veil, a mansion filled with light and foliage, a bagpipe anthem at the end of the ceremony, and two lovers who finish each other's sentences. Oh, and just wait until you see the handmade dad-moon that represented the bride's father. I'm not crying, you're crying!


Black shoes with bows for a slightly sinister wedding

Maybe you're planning a wedding with some Neo-Victorian elements? Or a dark rockabilly wedding? Or a ruffled noire antique goth wedding? Whatever the inspiration, you're going dark, and you're looking for some black shoes with a hint of frill for a taste of sinister to go with a day of joy. I gotchoo, friends, with this collection of black shoes with bows of various sorts — peep-toed heels with retro bows on the front, flats for the darkly dapper, and a few randoms to keep you on your toes.


Vintage frames, gears, and books: A spectacular British steampunk wedding

These two put a lot of thought into every aspect of the day — they designed their own outfits (including modifying purchased items when they couldn't find what they were looking for) and combined their design and computing skills to create the bespoke invitations, stationery, and a website to match the theme. Adam's mum and best man designed the centerpieces, and the pair had some of Adelina's family's old jewelry redesigned into unique wedding bands with a never-ending vine engraved on them. I LOVE!


A delightfully macabre Victorian gothic wedding

Molly and James' wedding at The Gatehouse of Lionsgate Events Center in Lafayette, Colorado is a gothic Victorian feast for the eyes. We're talking belly dancers, tarot card readers, hula hoopers, and a royal blue gown designed by a Cirque du Soleil costume designer. The macabre theme continued with death tag wedding place cards, black-painted trees, a creep-tastic candy buffet, and a blue and white spider web cake.