Get your head-to-toe vintage wedding look from The Wardrobe Shop

Do y'all remember our sponsor The Wardrobe Shop — the place to find all the vintage-styles of your Downton Abbey fashion dreams? For those that don't recall: The Wardrobe Shop, and carries vintage-style clothes inspired by Titanic-era fashions, Downton Abbey, as well as Old Hollywood silent movie star fashions. Now they're back with a special promotion! But first, let's talk vintage-style fashion…


8 antique engagement rings from EraGem that'll give vintage lovers a lust-attack

If you get all googly-eyed over vintage rings like I do, then you're going to be SUPER stoked about our sponsor EraGem Jewelry. They're a fine estate jewelry company that specializes in vintage and antique engagement rings. Whether or not you're searching for your dream vintage ring or antique wedding band you know you're going to have fun perusing their amazing collection. Check out seven more of the coolest vintage rings you'll see on the interwebs today…


Bask in the glory that is teary-eyed, fall-colored, Art Nouveau wedding romance

What pulls on the heartstrings more than a groom who gets all choked up seeing his bride for the first time? The answer is nothing. My heart about stopped when I saw the look on Joshua's face as he saw Holly walk down the aisle. Seriously, the man cannot take his eyes off of her. I, in turn, cannot take my eyes off of both of them. How delicious do they look in their Victorian/Celtic outfits? Joshua is wearing an honest-to-goodness cravat, and Holly has a custom corset — with a removable skirt. Because a girl has to be able to folk dance later.


A vintage-inspired California farm wedding with jasmine, goats, and a coral dress

Abra and Jeff got hitched at Roshambo Farms, aka sun-drenched barnyard heaven — complete with chickens, turkeys, and goats. In the months leading up to the wedding, the bride's mother amassed a collection of vintage silk and cotton lace, and Abra's childhood friend used the pieces to fashion her dusty coral wedding gown. Guests also gifted the couple handwritten blessings (to be opened on the denoted anniversary).


You'll love this romantic pink wedding served up with a bit of skull cake

Tera and Ryan recently wed near downtown San Diego, California, and had pink details everywhere — the flowers, the bride's glittery shoes, even the seating chart and wedding favors were all rose-hued! These two found a way to include a dash of the unexpected throughout the day, like using a neon pink megaphone to hold programs and decorating a guitar case with written ceremony instructions for their guests. And just WAIT until you see the skull-and-earthworm covered groom's cake…


Create the perfect '20s-style wedding look with Blue Velvet Vintage

Is your bridal vision is more "vintage chic," or maybe art deco with a bit of "old Hollywood glam" thrown in for good measure (kind of like the lovely lady pictured here) rather than "poofy princess"? Then you're going to want to sit tight and do some serious scrolling on this post about our sponsor Blue Velvet Vintage. We're talking some serious Downton Abbey vibes here — from dresses that would have made the Dowager Countess nod approvingly, to dresses that would have caused quite the stir…