About Offbeat Bride: WTF is this site all about?!

Offbeat Bride is the web's most popular and most inclusive website catered to nontraditional wedding planning.

The Offbeat Bride website launched on January 1st, 2007 to support the release of Seattle author Ariel Meadow Stallings‘ book, Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides.

What initially began as a book promotional project slowly grew into a completely different beast — a publication with a small staff of editors who update daily with tons of wedding inspiration and advice for folks who are working their asses off to create authentic weddings full of intention and personality.

In 2011, we launched our sister site, Offbeat Home & Life — it's Offbeat Bride for the rest of life. It's now our pleasure to serve up inspiration for about a million readers every month through our parent company, Offbeat Empire LLC.

If Offbeat Bride's ethos had to be boiled down, it would be this:

  • We celebrate and encourage couples who are trying to retain their identities through the drama and pressure of wedding planning.
  • We believe that no two weddings need to look the same, because no two couples are alike.
  • We are focused on constructive communication, and want to prove that online wedding planning communities don't have to be snarky, bitchy places where readers decree each other tacky.
  • We believe that your wedding isn't a contest — there's nothing to prove except for that you love your partner.
  • We aim to be the web's most inclusive and diverse wedding publication. We want to be the place where it's normal to see couples who are plus-size, couples with disabilities, couples who are older, couples who aren't white, couples who aren't straight, couples who are trans* or non-gender-binary, couples who aren't rich, couples who aren't American, and couples who are MORE than couples. (Oh, and we're obsessed with letting people self-identify.)
  • We love really awesome photography, but we also love down-home depictions of love.
  • We don't believe in gender essentialism (omg, girls are like THIS, and boys are like THAT) and will fight the good fight against heteronormativity until we die.
  • We support couples all along the nontraditional spectrum, from beautiful hardcore freaks & geeks all the way to what we affectionately call “Offbeat Lite.” Your wedding should be a reflection of YOU, not other people's tastes — and that includes ours!

Offbeat Bride is an advertiser-supported site — although we're quite picky about who we chose to feature as sponsors and tend towards indie businesses that specifically cater to nontraditional needs. We make a point to ensure that all of our sponsored content is clearly marked as such, both on the site and on our social media feeds. We believe that, like weddings, advertising can be done with intent and respect — it doesn't have to be about flashing banners and PUNCH THE MONKEY!!! any more than a wedding has to be about flouncy chair covers and $100,000 floral budgets.

If you'd like to know more about Offbeat Bride (the book, the website, and the online community), we encourage you to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, which include kickers like “Why is it Offbeat Bride instead of Offbeat Weddings?” and “How can I submit my wedding to be featured?”

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