Giselle & Alan's pirate handfasting wedding

Y'aaaaar! A pirate's wedding for me! This geeky pair loves pirates and loves costumes EVEN MORE! So when it came to getting all the guests involved, these two did some serious pirate strong-arming and it totally worked. There were corsets, swords instead of bouquets, and no landlubbers in sight.


Wedding Paperie lets you create your own kick-ass themed wedding invitations

Looking for wedding invitations that'll make you salivate upon sight? Maybe you're looking for the right wedding invitation to match wedding theme? You into the ombre trend? Wanna go to chalkboard heaven? Or do you guys dig the vintage vibe? Or perhaps you're drowning in heteronormative invitations and can't find the right invitation for your same-sex wedding. Our sponsor Wedding Paperie has anticipated all of your wedding invitations desires and has got you covered from every angle…


How to propose to your "wedding crew" with pirate-themed booze-y gifts

Instead of bridesmaids or groomsmen we're having a Wedding Crew. Which, seeing as how 90% of us met via our Pirate Kickball League (underground/rebel pirate more than "yaaar!" Pirate) we thought it was fitting to go with the pirate theme for this little project. Hope this inspires you to do something fun for your crew if you have the time and the desire to do so!


Glam, rock, and gothic makeup looks FOR MEN

We love us some dudes in makeup. Give us eyeliner and a little contouring any day. Reader Kirstin wanted to see some examples for makeup-wearing guys and we obliged. We found some good examples from the Offbeat Bride archives, a couple of YouTube gurus, and of course, some celebrities rockin' the makeup.


Devon & Michelle's lesbian pirate bowling wedding

When I saw this wedding come through, it was a jumble of amazing words all up in my grill: lesbians, pirates, bowling, my home state! And once I saw the photos, I was LOVING it. A pirate ship cake cut with a sword, a Jenga guest book, and major costume participation all in a bowling alley means only the most fun evar.