A Pagan Pokemon party with Annette & Matt

Pokemon trainers unite for this wedding! Gotta catch all the awesome details: the Pokeball ring holder, the Pokemon games, the board games, the dance video games, and the most adorable geeky couple you'll see today. Just wait until you see how the Pagan ceremony officiant asked if there were any objections…


It's a Warrior Dash wedding for this mud-covered bride and groom

Running through muddy obstacle courses is apparently something that Sylvia and Joe enjoy doing with their friends. So presumably it wasn't a tough sell to have them all participate in their Warrior Dash wedding one spring day in Georgia. This 5K obstacle course had Sylvia and Joe jumping through tires, climbing over walls, sliding under barbed wire, and jumping over fire! I mean, HOW DO YOU CHOOSE A FAVORITE PHOTO? You can't. Give up.


Risa & Jon's purple-corseted, gender-quirked, barefoot wedding

This pair wanted to have everything either be reused or reusable, including their AMAZING outfits. They also wanted an event that reflected their maker-style, love for public areas and green space, and geeky aesthetic. So they ended up with a melange of aspects from wine and beer making, the NYC subway, and science-fiction and fantasy.