A rainy Lake Tahoe wedding with a rescued pit bull

Lisa and Menotti had to scramble to make their outdoor wedding happen near Lake Tahoe last September. Their original venue fell through with less than a week to go before the ceremony! They still managed to say their vows outside despite the threat of rain, saving the fun, rainy photos for later.


19 floral dresses for your bridesmaids OR you

Wedding flowers don't only go in vases. Splash 'em all over your wedding party! Yes, my friends, it is time that we discussed the awesomeness that is the floral bridesmaid dress. I've got 20 examples here of flowery dresses for your bridesmaids! Or, you know, for yourself. We're not huge into rules when it comes to dresses.


Grab your childhood teddy bear for this surprise-filled, Korean-influenced, New York wedding

It's almost as if Jumi and Jimbo competed to see who could spring the most awesome, love-filled surprises on each other during their three-day wedding weekend last July. It started with Jumi flying both of Jimbo's sisters across the country using her own airline miles. They wouldn't have been able to make it otherwise! Awwww — score for Jumi's first super-cool surprise!


April & Dennis' glam '70s festival meets London street food wedding

From the "cheese" cake to the cork board Polaroid guest book, this chic London wedding just exudes style. Originally from New Zealand and America, these two are now living it up in London and taking advantage of all the craft beer, Prosecco, gorgeous venues, and good times the city has to offer. Let's explore their 1970s-inspired, multi-colored dress wearing, seafoam green leisure suit sporting wedding.


Just a bride and groom chillin in a creek after eloping to Tennessee

People, look through these photos and just bask in the love radiating from Gabriel and Kemberly. They eloped to Gatlinburg, Tenn. for a DIY, super-duper-private wedding. Photographer Raven Shutley tells me that, "The officiant came for the quick ceremony, but she was really only there for a few minutes. Mostly, it was just the four of us (the couple + me and my assistant)."

Raven captured one of the sweetest first looks I've ever seen: Gabriel is giggling, he's so excited. I had to include all of those pics because his expressions are… you've got to see them.