A "10 years on fire" non-wedding in Madrid (with fire dancers!)

Maria and Sito wanted to celebrate 10 years of dating with an unofficial non-wedding rite with all their loved ones in Madrid, Spain. They didn't want any official protocol, so they decided on a "ten years on fire" theme. This meant, of course, fire dancers, fire rituals, and a focus on reuse of materials for the decor. DIY was the order of the day! Let's relish in their joy.


The wonderful world of Wai-Ching's edgy, organic, and fiercely colorful wedding dresses

Hailing from Seattle (via Chicago, Hong Kong, and France) Chrissy specializes in making custom silk wedding dresses that not only astonish, but somehow project the celebratory nature of your wedding itself. Using hand-dyed silks, each dress is custom made to meet your tastes and curves, ensuring that your wedding dress is truly one of a kind. How does she accomplish such a thing for people all over the globe? We're not exactly sure. (Magic maybe?) But these brides might offer some insight…


All smiles and looking fab at a multicultural traditional Korean wedding

Christina and Nic approached their offbeat wedding from an unusual angle: extra, extra traditional! They celebrated their commitment with a traditional Korean wedding in Georgia last March. Aren't they gorgeous? I mean, even down to the shoes. Christina wore a hanbok with a topcoat for their pyebaek, a ceremony that usually takes place after the official wedding.


Blanket seating, a falcon ring bearer, and karaoke at Logan & Gary's poly-friendly, foodie wedding

We don't know where to even begin here: the falcon ring bearer? The gorgeous poly family with amazing poly-centric vows? The bride's custom-made floral print dress? The groom's dapper suit? The blanket ceremony seating? The ooey-gooey first look? The drool-worthy food? Seriously, this wedding is out of control! Go get your dancing, karaoke, and falconry on by ogling this hot couple and their equally gorgeous wedding in San Diego. You won't regret it, we promise.