Mid-height heels that won't bust your balls (of your feet, that is)

If you want a little heel, but don't want aching balls (…of your feet, of course), then a mid-height heel might be just right for you. Today I'm going to rustle up a few kitten heels, a few chunky low heels, and even toss in a couple flats. Most of these styles are from Modcloth, and you know how fast that shit sells out… so if you like it, SNAG IT!


Destination wedding sandals

I know that for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we're firmly into boots season — but for couples planning tropical destination weddings this winter, it's totally time to start thinking about sandals. So today's shoe post might feel a little off-season for some of us, but for those of you dreaming of warm days in far-off places, this post is for you.


37 pairs of flats that are low on heel height, high on life

While lots of us love the way heels look, almost all of us love the way flats make your feet FEEL. That in mind, I'm rounding up 37 pairs of my favorite flats for y'all today. These range from the ridiculous (bunnies! robots! seashells!) to the more classical (bows! little straps!) to the truly out-there (cosmic stars! BAM POW comic references).


Orange is the new wedding shoe

Sure fine — it's Halloween today, so it's extra seasonally appropriate to share orange wedding shoes. But let's be clear on this: orange wedding shoes are for any day, and every day. Our own Megan wore orange shoes at her beach wedding, so I know for fact that they look awesome on everyone from autumnal brides looking to match the leaves, to destination brides looking to match the sunset. I've included lots of flats here, as well. Let's dive in…


Put a bow on it: adorable wedding shoes with big ol' bows

True story: when I was a sophomore in high school, I covered a pair of PayLess pumps in emerald green glitter-glue, and then stapled huge enormous white-wired ribbons on to the fronts. These shoes were WAY over the top for Bainbridge High School's prom in 1992, but I was super into the look, and still am. So today, I'mma wrastle up some wedding shoes with bows.


Orthopedic wedding footwear — dare we say orthopedic chic?

Here are a few options for those of us who need arch support, padded footbeds, and a little more love for our toes. Obviously, you know your special foot needs best and I'm certainly not saying every one of these styles will work for every foot… but these brands all have a solid commitment to comfort, stability, and support.


46 pairs of wedding day flats

I steadfastly believe that the higher-heeled types shouldn't get all the fun, so today I'm going to round up a collection of 46 pairs of flats that are loud and daring — just like I like 'em. Ready for some shoes that won't make you tower over your partner or hobble through your reception? I've got everything from pointy-toed frilly stuff for the femmey-footed, to adorable color-block Oxfords, to sweet love-note themed shoes… all with almost no heel height, for your wedding day comfort.


Sandals on your feet, and a smile on your face

Show of hands, here: who's planning a beach wedding? Or having a casual wedding in their backyard? Or who isn't getting married at all and is just lurking looking for cute shoes to wear this summer? (My fellow not-engaged shoe fiends, I know you're out there. Lurking. Watching. Waiting. Breathing heavily.)

Well, for all y'all, today is a good one because we're going to digitally fondle some sandal-type footwear.


Dazzle the night away in these sparkly, glittery shoes you can actually dance in

It's been a hot minute (drab minute? matte minute?) since I set my sights on sparkly, glitter-crusted shoes, so let's right that wrong! Today I want shoes that turn your feet into spinning disco balls — but shoes that are also low-heeled enough to dance in. I want shoes that wink under your dress while not quietly murdering your feet, so I'm going to focus on heel heights under about 2".


Shoes with scalloping for a wavy wonderful wedding day (including flats!)

This is perhaps a weirdly specific shoe post, even by my weirdly specific standards.

Today I want to talk about scalloping.

…Right? It's a strangely tiny thing to focus on, but I'm noticing an increase in shoes with little rounded edges and detailing. Inspired by these shoes, I feel like this is a nice little break from all the chevron patterns that have been so prevalent the last couple years. Nice round little curves… let's do this!


Black shoes with bows for a slightly sinister wedding

Maybe you're planning a wedding with some Neo-Victorian elements? Or a dark rockabilly wedding? Or a ruffled noire antique goth wedding? Whatever the inspiration, you're going dark, and you're looking for some black shoes with a hint of frill for a taste of sinister to go with a day of joy. I gotchoo, friends, with this collection of black shoes with bows of various sorts — peep-toed heels with retro bows on the front, flats for the darkly dapper, and a few randoms to keep you on your toes.