Briana, Joshua, & Tony's stories and songs love triangle wedding

With this wedding, we're getting a two-fer: a legal ceremony between a bride and a groom, and a handfasting ceremony between that bride and groom and their partner. It's all about the tear-y groom, the cake-saving groom, the bride in a gorgeous blue dress, and three people totally in love. And don't miss the tears-welling-like-mad triple kiss!


Panic at the dress shop: 4 secrets to wedding dress shopping when you have a panic disorder

Although there are almost as many panic triggers as there are people living with the disorder, some of the more common triggers include being in an enclosed space or feeling unable to leave, getting too hot, and feeling scrutinised. This can make wedding dress shopping a scary prospect for a bride who gets panic attacks. Here are some tips to make wedding dress shopping with your panic attacks in tow a little easier…


Jennifer & Steve's muddy race to matrimony

Not everyone dreams of slogging for seven miles of muddy obstacle terrain in a big dress on their wedding day, but this bride knew it would be a bad-ass memory. She and her groom trekked the Super Spartan Race for 7.1 miles in their heavy, hot finery, to end on a romantic ceremony covered head-to-toe in mud. Ah, dirty dirty love.


Katy & Joe's pinwheels, vintage dress, and a walk for a cure wedding

This pair were already super psyched to get married, but having the ceremony at a cystic fibrosis walk (which is close to the bride's heart), made it all the more personal and amazing. Don't miss the groom's day-glow green suit, the bride's grandmother's dress that she remade to her own design, and the super funny ribbon "cutting" ceremony. Get ready to feel like happy gooey butter after seeing this wedding.


Celebrate with this groom and his flower-loving, wheelchair-rocking bride

Let's talk about how lovely and glowy and stunning Kelly and Bart's Netherlands wedding is, shall we? First of all, there's the friggin light in their apartment while Kelly got ready for the day. Photographer Nadine van der Wielen said the weather alternated between stormy and sunny, and y'all know I love the light of a rainy wedding. Nadine also mentioned that Kelly has kind of a serious thing for flowers, which, will you notice the bedroom's wallpaper? Swoon. Flowers are everywhere here: in Kelly's hair, her fab bouquet, and being dumped by a flower girl (that last one's my favorite picture btw).


Mishy & DJ's nerdcore poly wedding complete with sonic screwdriver

Pink glasses, purple groom's hair, and a poly-inclusive (and everything else-inclusive!) — this Jewish-meets-Boston-meets-New York wedding is just a dream. The couple dealt with some challenges: disabilities, long-distance planning, and how to incorporate all their interests — but damn did they do it well! Smoosh your face against the screen and give these cuties a virtual hug.


Orthopedic wedding footwear — dare we say orthopedic chic?

Here are a few options for those of us who need arch support, padded footbeds, and a little more love for our toes. Obviously, you know your special foot needs best and I'm certainly not saying every one of these styles will work for every foot… but these brands all have a solid commitment to comfort, stability, and support.


Natalie & Matthew's homebrewed kilted lakeside wedding

This pair may have never dreamed of their wedding much before planning it, but it's certainly become one of our dream weddings. With kilts, an emerald green dress, homebrewed beer, and Celtic wishing stones, it was pretty magical. But just wait until you see whose phone buzzed during the unplugged ceremony and the April Fool's prank they played on the guests!


A glittering geeky winter wedding with groom-made custom cake toppers

Kev and Rachel's February wedding in New Brunswick was a little bit nerdy and a lot of sexy. I love me a low-key wedding, and this is like a fancy cocktail hour with friends where, oh by the way, they get married too. Rachel's open-back, black, sequined dress brought the sexy, and Kev brought the nerdy by hand-making the 8-bit-esque centerpieces out of Perler beads. The creations were all couples of geekdom: Princess Peach and Mario, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask… Kev even made Perler bead caketoppers to resemble himself and Rachel. His own mini-me is sporting his red beard, and Rachel's rocks a replica of her black evening gown. You may notice that hers also has smaller arms than Kev's caketopper. Rachel has Miller syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects her arms and face.