OPEN THREAD: I'm getting body shamed by anti-body shamers

I am getting married this year and, while I love my curves, I want to feel comfortable in my strapless dress — having never showed that much skin in my life. So I made the personal choice to join a gym and eat better. Now I now find myself the recipient of passive aggressive comments from self-proclaimed anti-shamers. I don't feel like I'm getting support for my choices from the people I need it the most: my fellow curvy brides. How do I express to them that I feel like they are actually shaming me?


Open thread: how do you deal with wedding body-shaming?

I just got engaged, and I went on my first dress shopping outing with my sister and my mom last weekend. I was hoping it would be a fun bonding experience, but instead I felt criticized and harassed by both of them. I'm a plus-size bride, and both of them kept making comments about how dresses would fit once a lost a few pounds, how certain dress styles would look good after my wedding diet (…that I've never once said I was doing!), how this dress covered up my arms and looked better than that dress that didn't.

What was supposed to be a good day, turned into a day where I went home feeling like I'd been a victim of wedding body-shaming. How do other plus-size brides stay body positive in the face of constant criticism?


Feeling crappy about yourself? Get a dose of body positivity RIGHT HERE

Who knows what triggers a bad day. You're going along, feeling pretty good, and then suddenly you're being sucked into a vat of negativity. "Nothing fits." "Why do I look this way…" "Why can't I…?" "Why am I…?"
Oh, darlings. On those days, I wish I could give you all the hugs. Instead, I've got a whole armful of encouraging, beautiful photos and quotes about body positivity for you to wrap yourselves in. You're gorgeous, loves!