Ring needs resizing? Here's why you should wait to wear it…

If your engagement or wedding ring needs resizing, there are some good reasons to wait to wear it. As someone who has worked in a chain jewelry store and done a lot of research out of personal interest, I've seen some real damage occur when a larger ring is worn before resizing. Letting it flop around and hitting against another ring to keep it in place is both bad for the metal and the stones. It puts it at much more at risk for knocking the stone out, chipping it, or breaking it completely depending on how old the stone is and what kind of inclusions it naturally has.


Awesome two piece wedding dresses that you'll never not re-wear

I'm highly attracted to the idea of wearing a two piece wedding dress. I love the fact that it means I could easily re-wear both pieces again and again. So I've been scouring the interwebs for awesome two piece wedding dresses, and I thought I'd share the fashion inspo…


How to make a diamond look smaller (yes, that's a thing some people want!)

Do you know that if you search for "how to make a diamond look smaller" in Google, ALL you get is results for how to make a diamond look bigger? How lame is that? I'm not a "big honkin' diamond" kind of girl, nor do I want to flash a diamond-studded "rob me!" sign around. So here are some of the ways I'm scheming up on how to make a diamond look smaller…

Wedding officiant fashion for on-point ceremony style

Officiants have a big ol' job to do at your wedding. They have to preside, be all clever AND bring the tears, and most of all… they must.be.fashionable. Okay, maybe it's more about the couple, but if you're the officiant reading this, I'd wager you're wondering what the hell to wear. With offbeat weddings, you never know what you're going to get. Let's go on a retrospective to all kinds of offbeat weddings where the officiant was totally on point.