All smiles and looking fab at a multicultural traditional Korean wedding

Christina and Nic approached their offbeat wedding from an unusual angle: extra, extra traditional! They celebrated their commitment with a traditional Korean wedding in Georgia last March. Aren't they gorgeous? I mean, even down to the shoes. Christina wore a hanbok with a topcoat for their pyebaek, a ceremony that usually takes place after the official wedding.


This groom's PINK FLORAL SUIT will be your everything today

I canNOT get enough of Charles' suit. THAT PINK FLORAL SUIT AUGH.

All right, so Charles looked awesome for his and Chelsey's wedding last September in the South Oceanside village of St. Malo. Chelsey looked bangin' too, in a dress that she and some of her friends handmade! Not to be outdone by either of them, all of the groomsmen surprised everyone with their fantastically flamboyant suits (I can't pick a fave. Don't ask me, I can't!).