Venue coordinator vs. a day-of coordinator: What's the dif!?

I began to explain the difference between using a venue’s “inclusive” coordinator versus a day-of coordinator (or DOC, for short) that you bring in yourself. It’s a conversation I’ve had with several couples, usually at the beginning of wedding planning, so they can hopefully avoid this type of situation. I thought I'd also share this knowledge with everyone, because I think it’s important to understand the difference…


Think "holding up" as an alternative to "giving away" the bride

For those who'd like to include the traditional walk down the aisle with a deeply loved parental figure but choke a bit on the whole concept of "giving away," maybe all that's required is some alternative thinking. This person has supported you and loved you, whomever they may be — how lovely to let them "hold you up" as you walk toward your partner.


Local treats and Star Wars cookies: our favorite wedding welcome bag ideas

Decided that you want to gift your guests with some kick-ass loot to welcome them to your wedding? Maybe it's an out-of-town wedding and you want everyone to have a good handle on the area. Or maybe you're having a wedding outside in the summer and you want to make sure everyone doesn't get sunburned. Either way, a wedding welcome gift bag can be a stellar way to give them some warm fuzzies right away. Let's talk about our favorite wedding welcome bag ideas.