7 steps to pulling off "The Easy Wedding"

My husband and I got married at a cozy Irish pub in downtown Louisville. The only time I was even stressed out and nervous was the hour or so before the rehearsal on Friday. After that, it was smooth sailing all the way through. Here’s why…


Take your "first kiss" photo without the officiant in the background

Y'all remember that spectacular bass drum wedding we featured a few months ago? Obviously the couple was cool, the outfits were sweet, the musical instruments EPIC. But something tiny caught my eye — Danny and Johanna sneaked back to their ceremony site and got a sweet pic of their kiss! You'd never know it wasn't taken during the ceremony if it weren't for the fact that there's no officiant in the background.


How we worded the invitations for our crowdfunded wedding

We have decided to crowdfund our wedding. It won't pay for everything, but it does mean we can focus on having a good time rather than scrimping and saving on every little thing. The tricky part was wording everything right on the invitations, so we didn't come off as stingy or cheap. I wrote a little poem to explain the crowdfunding. If anyone wants it, they can steal it…


Shy photographers: dispelling the myth that your wedding photographer should be your BFF

As a photographer, I follow wedding blogs and often find advice recommending couples to hire a photographer that “could be your friend.” This is something that I find incredibly odd, and sometimes not very good advice. This is not to say that if you find someone who is amazing and outgoing that you should not hire them (us photographers come in all shapes and personalities). I’d like to offer a few reasons why you should consider not solely hiring "someone who you could be friends with," and a few secrets that artists might not disclose every day…


Turn that to-do into WOOHOO: The best wedding advice ever

Surely, with such an easygoing and organized bride, this was bound to be a stress-free process, right? HA. During planning month six out of ten, I broke down crying while talking to my mom about something wedding-related. My mom turned around and gave me the best advice I received during the course of planning my wedding.