Exchange shoes instead of rings

"Best commitment-ceremony-that-wasn't-really-a-ceremony ever!": A commitment ceremony where this one couple exchanged shoes instead of rings.


5 tips for working with a wedding photographer who doesn’t "get" you

As a photographer I can speak from experience that there are going to be clients who we click with like old friends, and clients that take us awhile to get to know. However, that's definitely not an excuse for making it obvious that some clients have become your BFFs and others still remain strangers. These are a few tips to help you work with a photographer who doesn't get you…


7 tips to save yourself from Save the Date stress

I love informing people of things really early. So Save the Dates seemed like a no brainer for us — a piece of cake. Nope. Instead they were kind of an emotional roller coaster. If you’re like me you assume sending out 100 pieces of physical correspondence will be an easy task. Oh, it’s not. I hope my save the date tips help you…