Zombie wedding portraits for your dearly beloved/deceased

Updated Oct 12 2015
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I LOVE THIS. What better gift for your zombie betrothed than a hand-painted zombie portrait of the two of you by artist Rob Sacchetto, author/illustrator of The Zombie Handbook: How to identify the living dead and survive the coming zombie apocalypse.

The photo above shows a before & after of one Offbeat Bride-reading couple. On the left: their lovely wedding portrait. On the right? ZOMBIFICATION.

The process is pretty simple: you send Rob a clear, high resolution jpeg of you and your beloved (or your bridesmaid, or your groomsmen, or your mother-in-law), and he'll works his illustrative magic. This is definitely a, uh, one-of-a-kind gift.

Special Offbeat Wedding Packages:

  • Bride and Groom couple's portrait $160
  • Maid of Honor and Best Man singles portrait $80 each
  • Each additional portrait order $60 for single, $140 for couples
  • Group of six (head and shoulder shot) 20" x 30" $480
  • Group of six (full body shot) 20" x 30" $520

Send Rob your photo today — and yes, they do rush orders!

Oh and PS: If you're into Zombies, obviously you should snag a copy of Rob's new book, The Zombie Handbook.

  1. This is awesome, and all I could think of was:

    "Till death do us part."
    "Well, now that was quick."

  2. Me too! Awesome 1st anniversary gift. We're getting married the day before Halloween this year too, so even better.

  3. I love this!!! In fact, our wedding is on Halloween and after the ceremony we are being turned into zombies for the reception!! What a great way to commemorate the day!!!

    • Poroka, judging from the comments from Offbeat Brides — the wives are the ones buying these gifts for their husbands. Gender assumptions about interests in zombies don't really fly in these parts. 😉

  4. I had one of these portraits done with one of our wedding photos… It is fantastic! Cannot rave about Zombie Rob's work enough 🙂

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