Your groom should feel like a fancy princess too!

Guest post by Rae Rae

While shopping for his outfit, my future husband goes straight for the shoes that cost twice as much as my dress did. (It was a complete “bargain,” but still…) And we had a slightly tense conversation about budget and finance.

Like an evil-but-sensible Bridezilla, I say no to the beautiful shoes.

We continued to search all day, and I tried to make him settle for some less-beautiful shoes. I felt terrible because the original shoes were the first thing that he had felt and showed mucho-emotion about in the groom's clothes department.

Then my bridesmaid pointed out that if it was the bride saying “I want to spend X amount on shoes because they're perfect and wonderful, and they'll make me feel just like a princess.” Then everyone, including the groom, would be telling the bride to JUST BUY THEM!

At which point I threw caution to the wind and we bought his dream shoes.

It's so easy to let the day be “all about the bride.” But it was worth spending that extra money, for that smile on my partner's face. THAT was priceless.

Now we have both been jumping around the house in our wedding shoes since we got home. It's amazing to share that “I'm getting married, I'm like a real-life princess, and I feel so fancy” feeling with him.

So don't forget the wedding is about both of you, and don't forget to make the groom feel like a fancy princess too!

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Comments on Your groom should feel like a fancy princess too!

  1. My guy’s outfit cost 4 times more than mine, but it was exactly like this. I got what I really wanted, and so did he. And we both looked amazing! 😀

    • Same with my groom and me! I happened to find a dress I loved at a total bargain but the suit he wanted (which was the perfect color, while not being too expensive and just so happened to fit him like a glove right off the rack) was about 3 times as much as my dress.

  2. We bought new shoes for the groom and then got fancy leather shoelaces on Etsy to coordinate with the wedding colors (his tie, pocket square, etc.). And we LOVE the photos that show his feet!

    We also took a black suit that he already owned (off the rack) and took it to a tailor to have it custom fit to his body. What a difference that made! He is now in the process of having all his suits and sport coats done.

    Guys want to look good for the wedding (and in general) too!

  3. This is so timely — I got married over three years ago, but we’re going to a wedding this weekend and my husband is busting out the suit we had custom-made for our own wedding. I was commenting to a friend the other day that I’m glad he’s “finally making use of it again.” I went on to explain that we spent loads of money on him getting the perfect three-piece suit, with the justification that he’d be able to wear it again many times, but that it hadn’t happened until now. My friend gently asked, “how much was your dress?” ($100 more than the suit) “And how many times have you worn that again?”
    *put in my place*

  4. We had a similar experience. I was trying to make things easy on my man and offered to find him some nice khaki pants and a white or cream button down shirt so the guys could look all summery and stuff as our wedding was July 23, 2011. He insisted they all needed to be in suits and leather shoes and the whole works. For me it wasn’t about money though, it was about practicality – we didn’t both need to be roasting our tits off in the heat! After thinking about it more though, I realized he wanted to look just as amazing as I did and “let” him order suits.

  5. I designed my dress and spent a little over $200 on material for it. My husband spent almost $500 on the kilt alone not to mention the highland shirt, the socks, the belt buckle and sporran all bought specially for the wedding 🙂 He looked so wonderful and gets a lot of wear out of all the elements throughout the year.
    We approached our wedding as *our* special day not just the brides.

  6. My husband has large feet. Like, really large, if you’re lucky you might find three pairs in the store in your size, feet. As an adult he never got to pick shoes based aesthetics, just whether or not it fit and it wasn’t too ugly for words. For our wedding we spent the money to get him really nice shoes (online) that were pretty flashy. It was really fun to watch him show off his snazzy shoes to everyone on our wedding day.

  7. THIS

    This just happened with his ring actually-

    Mine is his family heirloom and I’m not getting a band so when we went to get his band I was trying to aim for a metal that was less expensive when he REALLLLLLLY wanted a more expensive one. I had to put my budget concerns aside and remember IT’S HIS SYMBOL OF OUR MARRIAGE FOREVER -and he REALLY likes it

  8. My brother had the most baller shoes I had ever seen at his wedding. You could tell he was super pumped that he got to buy and wear them just for the wedding.
    I have actually really enjoyed pampering my fiance a bit when it came to picking out his clothes and ring. It felt so good to say “Baby, it’s your day.” It made me rethink the bristle I used to get when people said the same thing to me. People just want you to feel special and happy. Bride or Groom!

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