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Lotsa y'all liked this design from Vistaprint.
So, you know how I can sorta spy on y'all's shopping habits? I certainly can't see who buys what, but I CAN see trends of what y'all like, based on what you buy after clicking links on Offbeat Bride.

Sometimes, I like to gather up this data in my arms (LIKE A HUG! A BIG DATA-RICH HUG!) and share it with y'all — like sharing your favorite shoes. This time, I thought I'd share the wedding invitations that lots of y'all have been loving this spring.

Today's invitations are all from (coupon alert: they're doing 15% off wedding stationery with code SPRING15), but I can also see that a TON of you ordered custom invitations from Vistaprint. (Totally makes sense: Vistaprint is cheap and awesome.)

Anyway, less talking, more clicking and eye-boggling. Let's get inspired by each other's tastes!

fireflies Wedding Invitations

Fling Wedding Invitations

Cross Your Heart Wedding Invitations

Post Mod Wedding Invitations

The Production Wedding Invitations

Just My Type Wedding Invitations

Smart Conversation Wedding Invitations

Little Wine Charmers Wedding Invitations

BLOCK PRINT WAVES Wedding Invitations

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Comments on Your favorite wedding invitations

  1. I absolutely adore the mason jar one. If I hadn’t of ended up making my own invites I might have splurged on those.

    • The mason jar/firefly one is the theme of our wedding site! It’s one of those “Use this free template on and OH BY THE WAY we have matching invites too” dealies. 🙂

  2. these links dont work 🙁 I love the first invite but need a fall tree for cheap!! 🙁

    • I used the tree for mine also!!! Except I used a blue background instead. They were GORGEOUS and I got lots of compliments from people.

      PLUS, Vistaprint was cheap and super easy to use. So I really couldn’t be happier with them.

  3. WOW! I love how wedding invites are so creative these days! You can see the couple’s personality in the card themselves. So awesome.

  4. Love love love the mason jar. If we weren’t making our own (both illustrators) that would have been it.

  5. I have already sent our invitations, but funnily enough, we used the second one from the blog as our wedsite! Who knew I would pick a popular choice. It is gorgeous and we get comments about it all the time 🙂 FLING is the name of it, and if they had shipped to Canada, we would have used Minted as our Invitation source.

  6. We ALMOST went with the tree one, but all but the names were in a lavender shade (the names were still white) and we chose the backside to be the purple version.

    We ended up going with different, more elegant looking ones also from Vistaprint, to convey that though we are having a daytime park wedding, it’s not exactly a picnic.

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