Offbeat Brides’ top 10 favorite shoes: Spring 2012

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Some of you who've been around for a while might remember my “Your favorite shoe” posts. Here's how they work: when you buy shoes from one of my shoe posts, I can see what you buy. No, not you SPECIFICALLY, but y'all in general. I don't know who buys what, but by looking through my records, I can see which shoes y'all love the most.

And the shoes in this post? You all LOVE THEM. Without contest, the most popular style again (AGAIN!) for Offbeat Brides is TUK's Peacock Feather Heel, which many of you buy from ModCloth. But there are lots of others in here — some Vivienne Westwoods, Irregular Choices, and even a pair of ankle boots.

Nina - Electra (Canary Satin) - Footwear
Rocket Dog - Octavia (Orange) - Footwear
Nina - Forbes (Black) - Footwear
Gabriella Rocha - Ginger (Purple Patent Leather) - Footwear
Badgley Mischka - Wynter (Peach Fabric) - Footwear
Touch Ups - Jane (Champagne) - Footwear
Fitzwell - Rhea Ankle Boot (Brown Calf) - Footwear
Vivienne Westwood - Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon IV (Turquoise) - Footwear
Irregular Choice Women's Tea and Cake Pump

Random bonus shoe!

Rio - White
(You have to see the back to believe it.)

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Comments on Offbeat Brides’ top 10 favorite shoes: Spring 2012

  1. those damn peacock shoes…
    I saw those shoes and fell in love with them and decided on a peacock color scheme with peacock accessories…
    Then I couldn’t find them in a size 8 ANYWHERE.
    So I had everything peacock except the shoes.

  2. It makes me sad that the purple ones don’t come in my size. I still haven’t found a nice pair of purple shoes with a kitten heel that come in my size (9.5). 🙁
    I’m probably going to have to suck it up and get some white satin ones and dye them.

      • Thanks, but they are still not big enough for my canoe feet. And I don’t like any of the other purple kitten heels that they have there. Although soon it’s going to be a baggers-can’t-be-choosers situation soon though!

    • I’m sorry, but I know for a fact that I bought the last red suede 9.5. I had been eyeballing them for a month or two, and then the purple ones got included in a roundup here and they literally started disappearing. I refreshed and all the colors were gone in my size, except 1 final red suede pair. Thanks, Ariel for making me shit or get off the pot. When I called zappos later about the order. even the lady I talked to was surprised. They hadn’t sold any for a while and then all at once they were gone! The power of the OBB.

    • I have been looking for the purple patent Gabriella Rocha Ginger for a long time now and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Now it looks like it’s not even on Zappo’s anymore!

    • oh too bad you can’t find them! I had a hard time too getting mine in stock, went crazy all over the web. Finally got them (purple shoe kitten heel second row) but in the purple suede and just in time. The party’s over but I have occasion to wear them again in a couple of weeks.

  3. I thought the last ones were shoes capes, but shoe wings might be better!

    Big feet make it so you don’t fall down, at least that’s what we say at home

    This only seems to come in 10 & up – – might as well give the main search page, for everyone

  4. 6pm has wide calf boots! AWESOME
    love the tea & cake pumps with the big bow too! now if they only came in purple….

  5. I got the Vivienne Westwood heart shoes in grey and pink! I’d actually ordered some more unconventional shoes from Irregular Choice, but they didn’t quite work with my dress. The Westwood ones are great!

  6. Lovely! I’m in love with the yellow and orange shoes! They are so pretty!!! 🙂

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