Help you down the aisle I must: The day Yoda empowered an autistic flower girl

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Photo by Kristy Angove

The wedding was held in a small country church. The bride was resplendent in a blue 1940s gown, and her three daughters were flower girls in floral circlets and big pretty dresses and… what the wha? Is that Yoda over there on the left, photobombing that lovely family photo?

Offbeat Bride reader Tara recently attended a friend's wedding, and noticed that one of the flower girls had a strange little green Jedi friend escorting her down the aisle, in the form of an awesome backpack.

Curious to know how it came to pass that Yoda crashed the wedding, Ms. Tara asked during the reception, and shared the heartwarming story with us…

This is one amazing Yoda backpack.

T, the flower girl, had spent the morning hiding under the bed.She is autistic, and the prospect of an event with all those people was pretty daunting.

T's aunty finally coaxed her out from under the bed with the promise of a Yoda backpack.

Her aunt took her to the toy shop, and from that moment on Yoda sat on her shoulder and she seemed to feel safe with him there.

When it came time to put on the dress and head to the church T flat refused to go without Yoda on her shoulder.

Her mother, the bride, said to her family “If Yoda helps T get to the church and walk down that aisle with all those people watching, then Yoda is coming!”

And the result was one of the best images of a flower girl that has EVER been taken in the history of weddings:

Screenshot courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

Oh wait, sorry… this:

Photo by Kristy Angove

It's no battle training on Dagobah, but weddings can (sometimes) be just as stressful and overwhelming. So cheers to the bride for letting Yoda coach this young padawan through her wedding duties!

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Comments on Help you down the aisle I must: The day Yoda empowered an autistic flower girl

  1. Simply adorable! This is such a sweet wedding memory! I can’t help but think of all of the little flower girls and ring bearers who would probably have an easier time if they could bring their own special “friend” along.

  2. I love this entire story. Imagine some ten or fifteen years from now when her daughter is getting married and Ms Tara is sharing these photos of her to her groom (or bride) and their family.

  3. I love it! Our little son will be almost 2 at our wedding next year. His “special friend” is a little monkey comforter that goes to bed with him, which we are going to have on hand for emergencies on the day. This photo made be feel all warm and fuzzy : )

    Gorgeous little girls and gorgeous wedding.

  4. I love the CRAP out of this! As someone whose passion it is to work with children with disabilities and/or special needs, it makes me SO happy to see parents who have their priorities straightened out! What’s important is her ability to participate in the day with as little stress and anxiety as possible – even if Yoda gatecrashes!!

    LOVE it!

    • And, to be honest, I didn’t even *see* yoda in the first picture until megan pointed it out in her writing. So to all those bridezillas who would throw a fit over something like this “ruining” your pictures (p.s. they are even MORE awesome with yoda), I was far too busy looking at how beautiful everyone looked in their gowns to notice. I’m so glad this mom didn’t treat her flower girl as a pretty prop for the day and cared about her comfort 🙂

  5. Aww! She’s a cutie-pie. The whole family just looks so warm and beautiful, and the story made me smile. A stuffed animal(or backpack) can be a special friend and I’m happy she got to walk down the aisle with him. 🙂 What a cool mom!

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