Yellow wedding shoes for all!

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Notch Your Step Heel in CaramelLast week in the comments on my green wedding shoes post, someone special requested yellow weddings shoes. I don't always take requests because it can kick off an avalanche of ever nichier personal shopping requests (“ok fine you featured yellow shoes, but what about vegan purple wedges in wide sizes with extra high arches — oh and they need to ship to New Zealand!”), but it felt like a good time for some yellow shoes.

Today is the winter solstice after all… and the shortest day of the year deserves some shoes that are sunshine-y yellow. I've got 'em ranging from caramel tones to neon, a few towering platforms but mostly mid- to lower-heel heights (and plenty of flats!). Oh and the random bonus shoe? You'll HEART it.

Random bonus shoe

Piece of My Heart Heel: $59.99
Piece of My Heart Heel: $59.99

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Comments on Yellow wedding shoes for all!

  1. I was *just* searching for yellow shoes last night (including archives here)!

    Oh and the random bonus shoe pun…you slay me!! (love me some puns)

  2. Can I just say that while yellow is not my colour, I absolutely fall head-over-heels (ha) for yellow-themed weddings, especially when the bride wears yellow shoes. There’s something about it that’s just so cheery and delightful and lovely and SQUEE!

    • I love it when brides featured here do things I would never do. There’s too many awesome ideas for me to do them all myself, and someone’s gotta be fabulous in all the ways I can’t!

  3. I don’t know if it’s just showing up for me, but there are giant “pin it!” buttons all over every single one of these shoes. It’s happening on all the pages, but it’s especially distracting on these types of posts. Is this something the site has made as a change?

  4. I’ve been drooling over the Fact and Confection Boot by ModCloth for a while now. Such a good choice! If only I had clothing to go with it, I’d snatch them up in a second. Sadly, I have no yellow clothing and barely any brown.
    Also I do totally heart the random bonus shoe!

  5. As someone who used to be convinced I could never wear yellow, who at some point just said, “eff it, looking ‘sallow’ isn’t the end of the world,” I *love* all of these shoes! (Is it just me, or did anyone else expect the random bonus shoe to be a vegan purple wide-width wedge with high arches? *g*)

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