Yellow heels to pump some POW into your wedding day

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It's been almost a year since I did a yellow shoe roundup, so I think it's about time to get some lemon-fresh goodness into your wedding inspiration.

I've got everything here from soft, buttery shades of barely-there yellow, to day-glo safety yellow, to deep amber hues, to true primary yellow. As always, I aimed for a range of styles (although these are all heels) and a range of prices.

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Irregular Choice - Audrey Loves (Yellow/Black) - Footwear

Not Rated - Nine Lives (Mustard) - Footwear

Type Z - Vexa (Yellow) - Footwear

Mango Salsa Heel from ModCloth

Lemonade My Day Heel from ModCloth

Trend to Show Off Heel from ModCloth

Poet's Prerogative Heel from ModCloth

Walk and Roll Wedge in Mustard from ModCloth

Meltaway We Go Heel from ModCloth

Random bonus shoe

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Comments on Yellow heels to pump some POW into your wedding day

  1. I’ve already bought two pairs of shoes for my April 2012 wedding, and can’t stop myself from looking at more shoe porn. You posting this is just enabling! =p

    • I also own two pairs already for my fall 2011 wedding. But aren’t offbeat bridal shoes great? One pair – copper/gold T-strap pumps – I already wore as a guest at a wedding. Now I know they’ll be comfortable, since I did not even get blisters after eight hours of walking and dancing. Who says shoes have to save themselves for marriage ;-)?

  2. I am absolutley in love with those yellow ballerina-esque wedges! seems like I need to get me some of those just because…

  3. I’ve been looking for shoes longer than I’ve been looking for the dress. I need help. I’m looking for an uber sexy pair of boots with a mid-heel that I can trudge through the Wisconsin snow and dance in all night long. All the boots I find are either too high, or brown or black or grey.

  4. Let me start with the fact that if I had not discovered OBB years ago, I’d feel very alone in the world concerning bridal “stuff”. I’m looking for sandals for my wedding in January (yes, I live in FL 😉 ), but I can’t find anything I like! I’ve looked through all of your posts on here for shoes, and I’ve never seen one dedicated to teal/aqua shoes. I’m not asking for a two page post dedicated to me, but maybe a blurb somewhere I can go find something? Please??

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