Yellow wedding shoes for a sunshine-y day [UPDATED for 2022!]

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Oh, yellow shoes. You match with the leaves of an autumn wedding, compliment the grays of a winter wedding, brighten the day of a spring wedding, and shine like the sun for a summer wedding.

Yellow shoes, you're like happy banana feet. You're like Bert to a orange gown's Ernie. You're so bright that when you walk down the aisle, guests are like “Wait, did I just … naw. Couldn'ta been…” Yellow shoes, I think I love you. Hold hands with me and let us stroll through the yellowness together….

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Comments on Yellow wedding shoes for a sunshine-y day [UPDATED for 2022!]

  1. I have those Chinese Laundry jelly flats! SO comfy for all day wear…just in case anyone is eyeing them for their wedding!

  2. Oh sure, now that I’ve changed my mind and I’m not wearing a yellow dress for my wedding, I see all the great yellow shoes! =P Hoping to find some as awesome as the peacock shoes posted last month, but less expensive.

  3. my favorite color!!! and duh, my shoes will be yellow (haven’t found them yet though!).

  4. love the yellow shoes at top right, but i think zappos doesn’t carry them anymore. any info on how to get them or what they’re called, who makes them, etc?

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