All photos by Pilster Photography.

Rachel and Rich's photographer, Pilster Photography, described Rachel as “the queen of DIY” — so I know some of y'all are going to love this super happy celebration. These two had a limited budget and pulled together a day that radiates sunshine and giggles — complete with having their dog come along for the day.

Continue on if you're in the mood for a long-haired groom, a mustached bride, and one of the coolest ring shots I've seen!


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Comments on A most colorful DIY wedding + bonus canine attendant

  1. AH! I love the Maitland Arts Center! We almost had our wedding there! They really made that space work!

  2. So beautiful! I thought I recognized the location! That’s where I want to do my wedding next year! Congrats 🙂

  3. This wedding… my god… this wedding… I can’t even… the cuteness is just overwhelming!

  4. I am totally tempted to offer a special photography incentive for weddings that include dogs… they’re a FABULOUS wedding party choice and I wish everyone included them! (Hmmm… off to consider this more seriously…)

  5. I tried to go to the photographer’s website, but the link doesn’t appear to be working. but this is a super cute wedding! and pooch!

  6. The picture with the bride & groom and the dog, all nestled together with kisses, is perfect. That dog-head-in-human-neck-under-chin nuzzle is the best.

  7. LOVE these pictures–what a sweet combination of joy and style! Adore the clutch and those sparkly shoes (not to mention the dog).

    Did you DIY your hair? If so, any tips on product, styling, etc. that you used? I have a very similar haircut and naturally wavy-ish hair, but I usually end up straightening it because it gets messy. Would love to figure out a way to make my hair look this pretty and put together in its natural wavy state at my wedding in a few months!

  8. TooJays?!?! I LOVE TooJays! Please tell me you had the banana dream cake!

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