Imagine these green shoes peeking out from under your wedding gown

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Now when I say “green” I mean the color — not eco-conscious shoes. This week is all about BRIGHT! GREEN! WEDDING! SHOES! The kind that make your guests go, “Wait, did I just see a flash of green glitter under that white — naw. Couldn't be.”

Again, my omg shoeth!! posts are a reflection of the fact that I like my fancy-time shoes LOUD (I wore mis-matched Camper twins at my wedding). That said, I tried to go for a range of styles here — everything from heels to all-stars to destination wedding beach wedges to sparkling Ziggy Startdust/Wonder Woman platform boots for your winter glam rock loft nuptials.

Anyway, to learn more about a particular shoe, just click zee photo below…

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  1. So, I have a shoe question. I would like to wear Converse at my wedding, but Converse never really fit me as they're too narrow at the toes, and I'd be in agony after a few hours. What are some other brands that look about the same, but fit a slightly wider foot?

    • You might try Rocket Dog. I have a hard time finding them in a style I like sometimes, but they are super comfortable– and I do have a wider foot. I wear Converse a lot, I just buy a half size up to avoid cramped quarters.

    • Try PF Flyers I have a wide foot and they tend to be wider at the toe than converse.

      • Macbeth footwear makes great Chuck-anti-chuck styles, many (or all?) of which are vegan or veggie-friendly. I have wide feet too, and was delighted by how accommodating they are.

      • you could try Vans, they have hi-top styley ones too. i find them really comfy and are much wider at the toes than cons are. xXx

    • RocketDog. Actually a whole lot of companies have snagged the stye. But im rocking my RDogs right now. and they do indeed have the white rubber- and fairly roomy toes……and mine are argyle. Which cant be a bad thing.

  2. So, would love your opinion…. My dress is a ivory lace corsette bodice and matching bolera jacket /pearl (dark ivory close to champagne) long full skirt with pick-ups. I am set on wearing red shoes, but I can't decide if the first shoe you listed (in red, of course) would look good b/c of the black lace. Whatcha think?

    • I think it would look great, I do think that if they had cream lace instead of black it may match a bit better. Perhaps a search online would turn some up;)

    • those first shoe listed was my wedding shoe!!! i LOVE THEM i also had an ivory wedding gown with the lace up back. The shoes went beautifully with my dress 🙂 hope that helps!

  3. Those Sparkly Mid-Calf Green Boots came under my radar a few weeks ago while surfing for boots for my Halloween costume. They make my heart sing, dance and then explode into a thousand rainbows. And they also make me long for my days as a Green Knight at Wesleyan College so I would have plenty of excuses to wear them. <3

  4. This is the post for me! I love green, and I've been thinking about green shoes for my wedding. Thanks for the tips!

  5. I *adore* the sparkly green ballet flats, and I desperately wanted a pair like that in blue for my wedding, but a size 10.5W cannot, alas, be too picky. Woe betide we who are deprived of cute shoes.

    • Spray glue and glitter on fabric flats works surprisingly well. It's what I did.

    • This is my exact shoe size and finding green heels for my wedding has been impossible so far! I may have to settle for brown I guess.

  6. I have a friend who wears size 11 shoes, and you know where she finds her best fancy heels? Online stores catering to drag queens. High drama, high fashion, and larger sizes!

    • 11 is easier… 10.5 isn't manufactured. 🙁 So nearly all of my shoes are too big.

      I found a size 11 shoe that runs small, though, and that was really comfortable for the whole day! 😀

  7. Well… for person who buys things because they are green, this was great entry. First one is so sexy.. I want those shoes. 😀

  8. This is perfect. Gave me some great ideas, I am more in the market for emerald victorian boots… wish me luck, though one of these may end up winning in the end, thanks!

  9. green = favorite color (one of my wedding colors, too!). I want to buy those punkrose sneaks and wear them every day.

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