Imagine these green shoes peeking out from under your wedding gown

Updated Mar 15 2021
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Now when I say "green" I mean the color — not eco-conscious shoes. This week is all about BRIGHT! GREEN! WEDDING! SHOES! The kind that make your guests go, "Wait, did I just see a flash of green glitter under that white — naw. Couldn't be."

Again, my omg shoeth!! posts are a reflection of the fact that I like my fancy-time shoes LOUD (I wore mis-matched Camper twins at my wedding). That said, I tried to go for a range of styles here — everything from heels to all-stars to destination wedding beach wedges to sparkling Ziggy Startdust/Wonder Woman platform boots for your winter glam rock loft nuptials.

Anyway, to learn more about a particular shoe, just click zee photo below…

  1. So, I have a shoe question. I would like to wear Converse at my wedding, but Converse never really fit me as they're too narrow at the toes, and I'd be in agony after a few hours. What are some other brands that look about the same, but fit a slightly wider foot?

    • You might try Rocket Dog. I have a hard time finding them in a style I like sometimes, but they are super comfortable– and I do have a wider foot. I wear Converse a lot, I just buy a half size up to avoid cramped quarters.

      • Macbeth footwear makes great Chuck-anti-chuck styles, many (or all?) of which are vegan or veggie-friendly. I have wide feet too, and was delighted by how accommodating they are.

      • you could try Vans, they have hi-top styley ones too. i find them really comfy and are much wider at the toes than cons are. xXx

    • RocketDog. Actually a whole lot of companies have snagged the stye. But im rocking my RDogs right now. and they do indeed have the white rubber- and fairly roomy toes……and mine are argyle. Which cant be a bad thing.

  2. So, would love your opinion…. My dress is a ivory lace corsette bodice and matching bolera jacket /pearl (dark ivory close to champagne) long full skirt with pick-ups. I am set on wearing red shoes, but I can't decide if the first shoe you listed (in red, of course) would look good b/c of the black lace. Whatcha think?

    • I think it would look great, I do think that if they had cream lace instead of black it may match a bit better. Perhaps a search online would turn some up;)

    • those first shoe listed was my wedding shoe!!! i LOVE THEM i also had an ivory wedding gown with the lace up back. The shoes went beautifully with my dress 🙂 hope that helps!

  3. Those Sparkly Mid-Calf Green Boots came under my radar a few weeks ago while surfing for boots for my Halloween costume. They make my heart sing, dance and then explode into a thousand rainbows. And they also make me long for my days as a Green Knight at Wesleyan College so I would have plenty of excuses to wear them. <3

  4. I *adore* the sparkly green ballet flats, and I desperately wanted a pair like that in blue for my wedding, but a size 10.5W cannot, alas, be too picky. Woe betide we who are deprived of cute shoes.

  5. I have a friend who wears size 11 shoes, and you know where she finds her best fancy heels? Online stores catering to drag queens. High drama, high fashion, and larger sizes!

    • 11 is easier… 10.5 isn't manufactured. 🙁 So nearly all of my shoes are too big.

      I found a size 11 shoe that runs small, though, and that was really comfortable for the whole day! 😀

  6. Well… for person who buys things because they are green, this was great entry. First one is so sexy.. I want those shoes. 😀

  7. This is perfect. Gave me some great ideas, I am more in the market for emerald victorian boots… wish me luck, though one of these may end up winning in the end, thanks!

  8. green = favorite color (one of my wedding colors, too!). I want to buy those punkrose sneaks and wear them every day.

  9. Kelly green is my favorite favorite color, and I can never find shoes that color! Guess I'm just not looking in the right places. Might have to score those hawt sparkly flats and the peeptoes fifth down. Gooooorgeous!

  10. Omgponies, that first pair and the pair second from the bottom made me squeal in delight. Hello, green shoes! Now I just need a wardrobe I can wear them with!

  11. Gorgeous shoes! I am a big shoe fan, so I figured I would post some green styles for UK readers of Offbeat Bride! 😀

    Irregular Choice Bow Belle:… in an elegant soft pistachio ice cream green with pretty bow detail

    Irregular Choice Fabbydoo:… Fantastically steampunk, tough yet fantastical green and brown wedges

    Irregular Choice Shiny Dancer:… These green patent heels are edgy and fierce!

    Red or Dead Rolo:… These would be cute at an outdoor wedding!

    I have no investment in these brands… I just love shoes.

  12. They're adorable aren't they? 😀 I love Irregular Choice – they are *not* designed for comfort, but they look fabulous. I have three pairs and they get so many comments!

  13. I'm so glad you posted this! I spent months hunting down the perfect green heels for my wedding. i got the green dainty 420 on the top, i LOVE them! i'm so glad i went with them for the wedding, they looked awesome peeping out from my dress

  14. These shoe posts are rocking my socks. I think, thus far, researching my shoe options has been the most fun part about planning my wedding.

  15. Curse me and my big size 11 feet! I saw those sequin shoes and immediately loved them and it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. I want those shoes in red for my wedding but they don't carry them in my size! :C

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