Alter egos, ninjas, and one stellar XKCD cake

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The Offbeat Flickr Pool was jumping with cool fashion, cool photo ops, and cool venues. Check out the offerings from our fabulous couples.

Fire + timing = awesome photo-op. Love en fuego!

At the same shindig as above, the groomsmen kept their alter egos under wraps until this shot. This is serious business, kiddos.

Ninja Cake toppers
Tribe member Gladygirl's homemade cake toppers weren't ready until 2:00 a.m. the night before the wedding! You'd never know it by the looks of them. The tiny flowers are to die for.

Dancing up the aisle
Rebecca shimmied down the aisle to “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. And she danced it in a pretty awesome blue dress. Ooh, and it looks like she was a barefoot bride!

This little ring bearer seems to be taking his job very seriously. And is that a furry ring pillow I spy? Schmancy.

This photo could totally be from another decade. Perhaps a 1960s wedding where totally cute-tastic bow headbands and horn rims are par for the course. I am in love.

Maddy and Jacob's XKCD and rainbow cake is spectacular! And the color layers are perfect. Definitely better than my homemade attempt. Let's never speak of that again.

But the best bit at Maddy and Jacob's party was that it was at an arcade! Best idea all day.

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photography: Madlove Photography

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Comments on Alter egos, ninjas, and one stellar XKCD cake

  1. just watched the video of the traditional face painting from Kosovo. astounding!

  2. Hey, our wedding pictures are on here again. Neat. Our cake was gluten free and amazing tasting, too. And yes, the arcade was one of the best parts.

  3. Hi, party in arcade? Are you serious? I’m stealing that idea, sorry. Looks like the greatest reception ever!

  4. Well damn, that seals it. Looks like I’m gonna have to pony up for the after party venue I want. I just remembered it has a bank of vintage arcade games along one of the walls. It has a half pipe too, but I’m better at Mortal Kombat, especially in a dress.

  5. That is Dorky’s Bar Arcade in Tacoma, WA in the bottom photo. We have had 2 Weddings in Dorky’s Arcade and we can’t wait for the next one. They also had an awesome live band on our stage. It’s a special thing when 2 Dorks get together. Check us out if your ever in the Seattle/Tacoma Area.

  6. we’re totally doing the Alter-ego groomsmen shot. I cant wait. I’m a little jealous i cant participate… maybe a Wonder Woman bra? lol

    • Lol, the only somewhat-recognizable-yet-not-cleavage-showing super heroine I can think of is Ms. Marvel… Her costume is pretty un-revealing… at least on top. But, Wonder Woman would be amazing. 🙂

  7. Does someone have an invite to Pinterest they’d like to share with me? Pretty please? 😀

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