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September 27 2011 | meggyfin
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Erin and Wade did a handfasting ceremony with flagging tape because they met in forestry.

From Scottish and Irish handfastings, to both religious and non-denominational ceremonies, our Vancouver Island-based sponsor WorldTree Community will help you craft and perform the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your partner. The WorldTree Community has been orchestrating custom-written ceremonies for over thirty years in western Canada and central Utah, so it's clear they've got some great marrying-people mojo.

But more than their mojo, WorldTree has a few other key reasons why they're them a slam dunk for offbeat couples. Keep reading to find out…

What they stand for is awesome:

Our core teachings and principles are of a world conscious Earth basis with a nature perspective including Druidic, Wicca, Gaian and First Nations. However, our broader view is that of Interfaith and the acceptance of all! While individuals may be of various religious beliefs, within our core the WorldTree is not, nor is its purpose to, promote, convert or otherwise disseminate religions; rather it is to help develop community and be of service.

They do good things:

WorldTree Community is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

What immediately sets WorldTree apart is that they are a not-for-profit charitable society. The proceeds raised from all their wedding and hand-fasting services go directly to support their community charity programs. From tribal journeys and vision quests for at-risk youth to First Nation Healing, regional cold weather shelters, Indigenous Food Systems Network, and many other programs — the money you're putting into your wedding ceremony can go to do so many good things!

They've got TON of experience:

Remember when I mentioned that they've been doing this for thirty years? Yeah, that means they know a LOT. If you need assistance with your vows, they can help you out. Are you still searching for that right place for your ceremony? They can help with that, too. Or maybe you don't want a big wedding and just want to say a quick "I do" and then honeymoon it up. No problem: they have a special elopement package just for that very thing.

OFFBEAT OFFER: Even if you don't know where to start AT ALL when it comes to the ceremony, they can help you! Drop them an email, mention you saw them on Offbeat Bride and they'll give you a free consultation to help imagine the possibilities.

WorldTree promises to give you one HELL of a wedding ceremony. From literally taking the leap with bungee cords, to a small moonlit handfasting, or a large wedding with devotional services, WorldTree can and will do it all. So get in contact with them today, put your money to a good cause and start crafting your custom ceremony.

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