Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with these wooden wedges

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wooden wedges

These hand-painted, completely custom wooden wedges from Etsy seller Saigon Socialite are giving me a very special kind of shoe boner. It's like, not only do they have this great organic feel with the wooden wedge, but then they also have these parrot-perfect rainbow wings? And you can pick the color of leather? And they're 100% handmade, so much so that they ask for an outline of your foot to produce them? GURGLE.

wooden wing wedges

Hand carved! Hand lacquered! Hand cobbled! Hummingbird inspired! I don't even know what to say, so I'll let them say it for themselves:

Set yourself free as you walk with the hummingbird inspired winged masterpiece. After these shoes are hand carved they are lacquered with the bright colors. The front of ‘Wing’ is ‘eggshelled’. This is a traditional Vietnamese technique of making art with the color white. Duck eggshells are used in the process as they are the toughest shells in comparison to other poultry eggs. The shells are cracked into square shapes and placed over tacky black paint that has been applied to the shoe. The shells are carefully cracked adhering flatly to the curved shoe. Once a natural lacquer, that is added on top, is dried the eggshells are then water sanded.

Quality leather throughout, including rubber soles for amazing traction, lined with pig skin & an outer-skin of semi-gloss ultra smooth leather. These stylish shoes have been engineered for comfort.

It takes 18 days for each pair of shoes to be fashioned. The lacquering process increases the production time; please allow an additional month to produce. There are multiple artisans involved as they each specialize in their own area from woodcraft, cobblery, leathercraft and lacquer.

Shoe Specifics:
• High height: 6-inch wedge & 3-inch front platform (feels like 3-inch heels)
• Weight: less than 1 pound per shoe
• Rubber soles
• Quality leather
• Leather colors available in black, pumpkin orange, and latte nude
• The wedge heel is available in the wood natural color (not lacquered)

I mean, are you dying? I AM DYING. I want to know more even more:

UG! I want Lan Vy's necklace so bad.

siagon socialite on offbeat bride

And then I read about her company values…

Former Corporate Finance gal, I am now a designer of things beautiful. I am firm on the basis that high-fashion can be socially & ecologically responsible. One of the reasons why I’d forsaken a steady corporate paycheck was a deep need to do more than the mere act of over-consumption on too much coffee, too much time sitting in meetings, too many printed decks of legal lingo, corporate jargon, and the tidbits of corporate life. Now, it’s my corporate policy to be GREEN. Nothing is wasted at our facilities. Samples are given to orphanages; Remnants are passed on to local schools for projects. Knowledge is used and recycled first in our sewing rooms then passed on to the classrooms where we teach, then onward to the craft-house & villages where we support women desperate for a good trade to get out of poverty and the exploited situations that trap them. This is my fondest and most important work. My customers might love our clothes for the unusual fabric and fresh aesthetics, but it is their patronage that provides our girls the best look in our collection: the look of hope for a better future.

All that shoe hotness AND ethical values? My shoe boner just grew its own pair of hand-painted wooden wings and took flight.

AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE OTHER SHOES. Imagine wearing these puzzle wedges on your wedding day and being all, “I found my missing piece.” #squishy #sentimental #awww

puzzle shoes on offbeat bride

They make ties and jewelry too, but I can't handle any more stimulus today. If you need me, I'll be in the back room with this fap fodder.

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  1. ” My shoe boner just grew its own pair of hand-painted wooden wings and took flight.”
    Heh heh heh…

  2. Now that’s what I call Fancy Footwork! Amazing and imaginative, and the feathered bases on the first two pics make me think of ice skates!

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