10 wooden wedding rings you’ll love

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How much are you dying over this wooden engagement ring?!

Are you freaking out as much as we are over these handcrafted eco-friendly wooden rings? The best part about the wood engagement ring shown above is that it's less than $250, which makes it both gorgeous AND affordable! Plus, we're just loving the artistry.

We spent some time browsing this collection of wooden rings and found sets of gorgeous wooden wedding bands, lots of wooden rings for men, koa wood rings, and even one rainbow ring! We want to share our favorites with you… click the photos to learn more!

Part of what's so great about wooden wedding rings is that they go great with a rustic wedding theme — right? There's so much of a sense of nature and warmth in them…

This mahogany and stainless steel wooden ring looks durable and water resistant… loving the grain of that wood, ug!

These rings are all from woodenrings.com — they offer free a lifetime warranty and free refinishing for all their wood rings. As one Offbeat Bride named Melanie commented about her wooden rings: “My hubby and I had a very hard time finding rings that would be meaningful and appealing to us–until we arrived at wooden rings. They can require more care than metal rings, including periodic refinishing, but we actually like that about them. The conscious care that the rings require helps remind us that our relationship also requires conscious care–and not to take it for granted.” Awwww! We love that!!

Why have just one wooden wedding ring when you could have a match set of wooden wedding bands? Insert heart emoji eyes here…

An Offbeat Bride reader named Kat shared this story about her wooden ring set: “My husband and I have matching, hand-carved wooden wedding bands. They are absolutely beautiful and feel wonderful on. We are so very happy with our wooden wedding rings!”

Another nice thing about wooden wedding bands is this: they float. So many people loose their wedding rings in water — often on their honeymoons — and we love that wooden wedding rings will always rise to the top. (Hee hee. See what we did there?)

It's just so cool that people are looking into alternatives besides common metal wedding bands, and regular rings. Wooden wedding rings just have their own natural beauty that cannot be rivaled by cold metal. I mean, if you're looking for a seriously stunning and truly interesting men's wood wedding band, don't these seem like a great option?

We love these wooden ring with its natural stone inlays… the turquoise adds a nice pop of color and uniqueness! Wait, speaking of color…

…See? We said we'd have a rainbow in there for you! You can see more wooden rings over here.

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  1. My fiancé and I got our engagement rings made from wood! I’ve been wearing my ring regularly for more than a month now, even sometimes washing my hands with it on, and it’s holding up well so far.

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