Wisconsin's Fornear Photo: For love, for fun, and for free engagement photos

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Matt and Krista of Fornear Photo are a young, fun, tattooed, pierced and creative married couple… you know, kind of like a lot of you. Also like a lot of you, when they're not shooting weddings, you can find them exploring the Great Lakes region, playing Xbox, drinking craft beer, snowshoeing, hunting for vintage records.

Why all the background? Because on your wedding day you spend a butt-load of time with your photographers, and Matt and Krista sound exactly like the kind of people I want to hang with for eight hours.

Wisconsin couples, we're not going to let all the coastal couples have all the fun with our offbeat sponsors… Let's talk about how else Fornear Photo can make your wedding day super awesome — including free engagement sessions, and a special discount!

Fornear Photo also totally appreciates your World of Warcraft groom's cake.
Fornear Photo also totally appreciates your World of Warcraft groom's cake.
Fornear Photo loves them some Offbeat Bride readers:

So much care and thought goes into the planning of all weddings… but the offbeat ones hold a special place in our artistic hearts! Going above and beyond is something we love, whether it is scouting out fun new locations ahead of time or making/preparing quirky props, this is something we enjoy to do as a couple and we feel it shows in our work.

Fornear Photo's home base is in Eagle River, Wisconsin, but they have shot throughout all of Wisconsin as well as parts of Upper Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. Needless to say perhaps… they love to travel, so please don't hesitate to book them for your weddings all around the Midwest and beyond!

Fornear Photo's style mostly consists of the photojournalism and documentary variety, but with a few posed shots thrown in for your folks. Their All Day wedding package includes two shooters, edited high resolutions photos, select prints per package, password-protected online photo gallery, and lastly a FREE engagement session.


OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Fornear Photo is offering a free 10×20 float-mounted metal print with their packages. Just mention this post when you contact them.

Just to break it down: With Fornear Photo you get two awesome photographers who are super cool, willing to travel, and are offering you special discounts and deals. I'd say you're next wedding planning step is to book them ASAP!

  1. I MUST remember this… I live in Minocqua!!!! How perfect!?!? I've never seen a sponser on here that was so close to me.

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