I'm on a roll with the non-floral bouquets this week! Here's another option from Etsy seller Refinerii, who makes these bouquets out of salvaged metal and iridescent Austrian crystals, glass beads, white pearls, and silver wire. The result is super sparkly and distinctly industrial, perfect for an urban loft wedding:

(Thanks, Tuppence!)

Comments on Wire bouquet

  1. Really neat! I am currently making my own bouquet out of metal flowers. Might borrow some ideas from these…

  2. I was going to use these when I was planning on having a winter wedding! I thought it would be full of modern awesomeness.

    Keep the non-floral bouquets coming! I haven’t been able to find so many beautiful alternative bouquet options until I came to this blog!

  3. Wow, this is so awesome!!! I was trying to figure out something neat to do with my bouquet, I think this is high on the list, now, if I could afford it!

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