Everyone, let's us all fucking bow down to Eden (pictured above) who found one of the coolest accessories for a winter wedding that I've ever seen — the wool pom pom hat with dotted black lace veil by Agneta Persson. As Eden put it, “Is it not the most tongue-in-cheek winter accessory you have ever laid eyes on or what?”

Photo courtesy of Off Broadway

It came from a store in Manhattan called Off Broadway, but I feel like this would be an easy hack:

cute beanie with pom pom


birdcage veil netting

Winter brides, you are welcome.

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  1. *waves arms in manic fashion* This is great!!! Now wishing we were going for a winter date….

  2. Totally cute and very DIY-able. I made a similar hat (minus veil) for FFIL for Christmas.

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