Let’s talk winter wedding favors and decor from Little Things Favors

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A while ago we talked about Fall wedding favors and accessories for your autumnal weddings. Now let's throw a few logs on the proverbial fire and talk about winter wedding favors from our sponsor Little Things Favors. Starting with my favorite winter time treat — hot cocoa. You know we love customized muslin bags, you know we love chocolate, so you know we love Little Things for putting the two of them together and adding a little package of marshmallows to make your guests feel extra warm and fuzzy. They also have hot apple cider kits too, complete with a bag of caramels.

They're favor experts I tell ya! And they have lots more winter treats that'll help you tick off some of your “To Do” boxes. So let's find your perfect winter wedding accessories, shall we?…

Staying on the delicious treats kick, repeat after me: Snowflake Sprinkled Chocolate Dipped Oreos. Now pick your jaw up off the floor because you're drooling. And get to ordering the most bad-ass winter-themed yumminess you've ever heard of! OR see what other culinary masterpieces Little Things has up their sleeves in their edible favor section. But seriously, aren't these KILLER?

If you've been thinking about wedding decor, think about transforming your venue into a luminescent white winter fairyland with these White Metal Filigree Lanterns. The best part about these babies is that they can also pull double duty as wedding favors. Or, hell, keep 'em all and decorate your backyard with them once the wedding is done.

I couldn't help but giggle when I saw these mint favors. Any Doctor Who fans may know why… because, much like bow ties and fezes, love is cool too! So geeky, so cute, and so practical! Who doesn't love having mints on them when the situation calls for one!? Plus this could encourage a lot of make out sessions at your wedding, which is always fun.

Finally, deviating from favors, if you're looking for table decorations OR a fun alternative to the petal toss for winter weddings, Little Things' silk snowflakes might be the answer. If I were a winter bride, I'd want to COVER my venue in this stuff and then have fake snow fights. But I digress…

Little Things has so many more awesome favors, decor, and even bridal accessories like headpieces and gloves for your winter wedding. First: head over to Little Things to check 'em all out! Then: tell us what your plans for your winter wedding favors and accessories are.

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