16 winged brides to make your little fairy heart take flight

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Fairy wedding fashion
Lori's ethereal wings | Photo by Laura Anne Watson

We wish more brides wore wings to their weddings … it's such a fanciful, fun way to lighten up the day. Can this become a trend, please? Thanks.

Here's more fodder for the wing trend fire, including wings of all shapes, sizes, and colors, both brides in wings, and even grooms winging it up…

Woodland creatures, wings, and magic abound at this fairy wedding
Photo by Renoda Campbell Photography
The First Dance
Thanks to Malavagma for the photo
Bride Stuck in Brambles!
Photo by Sam Albright.


Julie & Adam
Julie made these wings!
ceremony with the high priest
Photo by Dror Eyal Photography.
Photo by Kristin Hansen Photography
Winged bride and a caped groom
The Angelic Bride
Or you could do a bridal portrait session with wings, like this one from Pink Light Images.

Zac and Angela in costume
Another Halloween bride in wings! Photo by James Wong
You can match your wings to your partner's vest!
No reason that grooms can't rock wings, like Mike here.
…or Fairylove‘s' groom.
Faerie brides
Two brides in wings!
There's nothing better than winged brides in love in the woods! Photo by Laura Vasilion.

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  1. I’m wearing a beautiful pair of white wings on my wedding day next year. A wedding dress a and wings are a beautiful combination.

  2. I’ve got angel wings tattoo’d from shoulder to shoulder across my back, it looks amazing with my dress

  3. hey my name is Anna im having a problem finding the right thing to wear with my dress my dress is white with a blue and light green belt around it does anyone know where to find light green and blue wings??

  4. Fancyfairy.com

    My bridesmaids and I all wore her wings for the wedding and it looked fantastic!!!!!


  5. The 6th one from the bottom – with the vampire… I NEED to see more of that dress!

    The James Wong link doesn’t even have the picture shown… It looks amazing!!

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