A wild zoo wedding — don’t miss the animal-print shoes!

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Photos by Black, White and Raw Photography

Suron Grim and Joey Calabrese had a wild time of their wedding at the Elmwood Zoo in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

This zoo has been a special place for the couple and Suron's boys, and they loved that the cost of the wedding venue would benefit the zoo and the animals.

We are animal lovers so if we were going to spend a load of money, we wanted it to benefit something other than ourselves and this would benefit the zoo/animals.

They honored the zoo theme with jaguar details for the guys and zebra details for the girls.

They also had some super cute leather animal masks.

It’s only one day, so treat yourself to the things you want!

The paper flowers for the bouquet came from Etsy.

Lots of extra charming details made the day special.

The rings were fierce!

One of my best memories is having my boys with me – arm in arm – walking me down the aisle.

Their ceremony was at Eagle Overlook and immediately afterwards the wedding party were allowed to feed the giraffes.

Cocktail hour was spent surrounded by jaguars and rides on the Merry-Go-Round.

It was a kid-friendly wedding, with some thoughtful pre-planning.

The cake echoed the zebra and jaguar motifs.

So did the doughnuts!

This light-hearted yet romantic wedding made the happy couple into a family!



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