Wide wedding shoes that don’t look orthopedic

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I guess I'm on a roll with my “special needs” wedding shoes series.

After my “bigger shoes” post a couple weeks ago, I got a lot of requests for not just larger sizes — but wider widths.

Ok, ladies! I aim to serve, and so I'm wrangling up a collection of loud, proud, wide shoes that would help you add some offbeat oomph to your feet on your wedding day.

Most of these are from Torrid, which means they're not only wider widths — they're super affordable.

Like, less than $40 affordable!

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System Nude Patent Leather Heel (Wide Width)

Berry Suede System Heel (Wide Width)

Fit In Clouds - Gold Sequin Flats (Wide Width)

Comments on Wide wedding shoes that don’t look orthopedic

    • the rainbow shoes, and also the stripey ones, are from a company called iron fist based out of the UK. they have awesome shoes. there are several posts on this site already with the zombie shoes. same company 🙂 i have many from them. just an fyi.

  1. OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I have ridiculously wide feet and whenever we go to the cute shoe shop I always end up sitting on the couch, looking at all the other girls trying on cute shoes! 🙂 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! AND…I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ZEBRA PRINT SHOES!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I love these specialty shoe round ups that you come up with. They’re absolutely awesome.

    I know you did the one with flats, but how about heels that aren’t stilettos next? I just can’t walk in those suckers. Actually, can you just do all my shopping for me? Thanks.

  3. The shoes are so beautiful, I’m jealous!

    Maybe you could do one of these for freaksihly undersized feet like mine sometime?

    (I’m a narrow 5, my mother is a 4! We’d like wedding shoes that aren’t from the kids section!)

    • Totally! I wear a UK 5 1/2 (US 7 1/2) but my feet are narrow and finding any shoes that aren’t office wear is near impossible! Finding half sizes is difficult enough :/

  4. Ladies, if you have wide feet but can’t find cute shoes don’t just suffer through thinking it will only be a couple of hours. TRUST ME! lol I now have several stress fractures in my feet just from my wedding day and it still hurts almost 4 months later. Take care of your feet!

    • And that damage can be chronic, too, if you suffer through on a regular basis – ask my mom about her bunion surgery. 😛

      • yeah, I have wide feet because of my “bunions” that I’ve had all my life. It was just extra bone growth in that area and on my ankles. All of my heels are wide except my wedding shoes because I ordered them online and there were no other sizes left when I went to return (already they were big in the lenght as I ordered a size up for width reasons.. so I figured it would just be a couple of hours and I would kick them off.. nope.. didn’t happen and now I am learning from my mistake.. doh! lol

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