Wide-calf wedding boots [Updated for 2022!]

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Let's browse some tall boots for wider calves! If you're looking for kinky boots for your athletic or plus-size calves, we're here for you. The good news is that there are plus size boots with calf fits of about 17″/43 cm to 21″/53 cm, depending on your shoe size. And if you don't fall within those sizes, there are custom-fit options, too. Despair no more and check out these wide calf riding styles, glam heels, studded leather, and slightly loud colors.

This is also definitely a topic where crowdsourcing is helpful — share links to your favorite wide-calf boots in the comments!

So without further ado, here are my fave offbeat wide calf wedding boots, starting with white and then going into other colors…

These crocheted boots are made to your exact measurements — perfect for whatever size your calf is!

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Comments on Wide-calf wedding boots [Updated for 2022!]

  1. GAH! Boots!

    I love those wine colored ones. I may be shopping after Christmas. yeah.

  2. Ooooh I love all of these! I have huge athletic calves and love tall boots, and often face the disappointment of “can’t get it over my calf” so this is very useful for me. I also suggest looking at authentic cowgirl boots such as from Cowtown boots, as they tend to fit over large calves just fine and look awesome.

  3. Finally! I have wanted knee high boots my whole life but never have been able to find any that would fit over my fat calves. Thanks! 😀

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