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Although the photographer is totally skilled, I can't help but balk at the pose in this engagement photo.

Is it just me, or do the crossed arms of the headless groom-to-be comes off as creepily paternalistic? (“No, you're not getting your bride allowance — you've been naughty this week!”) And there's just something very subservient about sticking the bride-to-be on the ground, wrapped around his feet and smiling.

Again, Anne Ruthmann is clearly an amazing photographer. (Check out her stuff!) But the pose strikes me as creepy. That is, unless the couple pictured are into some kinky bdsm power-play dynamics and the bride is smiling cuz she's all, “Look who I let out of the dungeon for the afternoon! Tee hee!”

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  1. I love the photo! Yeah, I’m not so crazy that His head is cut off, but she is happy, and in the end that’s all that matters, whatever the dynamic.

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