Whitney Lee Photography presents Joy & Alec's kid-friendly state park wedding

December 5 2008 | arielmstallings
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Here's another great offbeat wedding from Offbeat Advertiser Whitney Lee Photography. I asked Whitney's client, Joy, to tell us a little about her recent Texas wedding full of kids, games, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and even a "Just Married" sign that the couple came bursting through!

Joy says: I went into this wedding with a couple of guiding principles: kid friendly, casual for comfort in a state park, and budget. First, my brother has 4 kids and there were 18 kids total on the guest list. As an elementary school teacher I have an understanding of how rough it can be to do anything when you have kids so I wanted to make the wedding fun for both kids and adults. My husband and I are both fairly goofy to boot so lots of our details reflected that.

I'm famous for saying, "do do do doot!" when I get excited about something so we provided kazoos for everyone and instructed the whole audience how to use them to give us a kazoo fanfare after the announcement of the first couple. Lots of people had a hard time figuring out how to use them – but it was so much fun!

We also created a large banner similar to a half time football player banner that read, "Just married" for us to run through after getting back to the reception from the ceremony site. Nobody had any idea what we were up to, and it was completely hysterical.

Even though we really didn't have a wedding party at all I had my nieces dress in outfits with petticoats similar to mine and they helped to hand out the kazoos and other favors (play-doh, personalized pencils, bubbles). My one year old nephew showed up in a leisure suit that his great grandmother had sewn for his dad in 1972. I think that was the only time that my mother actually cried at the wedding.

During the reception we had a children's age board game at each table as a centerpiece. Hungry, Hungry, Hippo was the most popular but labyrinth, Uno, Boggle, and Chinese Checkers were also popular. The tables were covered in white butcher paper that I spray painted through lace to make the paper look lacy. Each table was a different color so the whole reception was very colorful. Whitney decided to use one of those tables and some extra "lace paper" as a backdrop for some of our pictures, and those turned out fantastic!

I had a friend make a whole bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that she then cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter. I think just as many adults ended up eating them as kids."

Thanks so much to Joy for sharing her story with me … and for tons more photos about Joy & Alec's wedding, head over to Whitney's blog.

(Coming next month: a contest where you can win free wedding photography from Whitney Lee!)

  1. This is such a fun and original wedding. I especially love the run through sign. That must have a been a big surprise for everyone. Congratulations!

  2. Oh my goodness! What an awesome wedding. I LOVE the peanut butter sandwiches cut into hearts — at first I thought those were fancy cookies. Can I just say *steal* *steal* *steal* ??

    Also, Ariel, you are a marketing genius. I know this was an ad for the photographer but I had so. much. fun. reading about this fabulous wedding, and actually checked out the photographer's gorgeous pics. I otherwise would never both clicking on the pics for a photographer's ad. No, I swear I'm not some plant trying to make this site look good — I just think it's a super smart business model.

    Love the wedding. My favorite part was the story of the cake. I'd like to see even more photos of it….

    ALSO! The spray-painted lace tablecloths? OMFG. Such a good idea. Dare I say *steal* *steal* *steal* twice in one comment?

  3. Aww … thank you for the kind words, Fancypants! They mean a lot to me because I think a LOT about my strategies for ads on obb. The key with advertising on offbeat bride is that I try to only accept advertisers who I think my readers would be GENUINELY interested in … It works out best for everyone that way: readers get more of what they want, advertisers get more interest, and my site isn't cluttered up with products I'm embarrassed by.

    In other words, I ask myself with every ad: "Would I post this even if it wasn't paid content?" The answer has to be at least "probably" for me to consider accepting an advertiser's money.

    The answer in Whitney's case is YES, YES, YES!!!

    (Oh and PS regarding stealing: Check out other posts with the steal this idea tag on obb!)

  4. Wow! My fiance & I are in the midst of planning our October wedding & whaddaya know–we're planning on kazoos & bursting through a paper sign, too! I never thought I'd say that, haha. What fun:) & great pictures!

  5. The paper came from a teacher supply store. They sell butcher paper by the yard for super cheap. I stacked two lengths on top of each other and taped with masking tape. I recommend cutting some semi-circles all over it so you won't bounce off when you try to crash through it. You should also lead with one arm and one foot so you have better penetrative force. We also taped shower curtain rods on each side so it would stand up straighter. It was SO fun!

  6. As an OBB and an Austin resident, this:

    "(Coming next month: a contest where you can win free wedding photography from Whitney Lee!)"

    just made me get VERY excited! I want to use WL…and if I could do it for free, hells yeah!

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