Whitney Lee Photography brings you Stephanie & Kevin's wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Y'all remember Whitney Lee, one of Offbeat Bride's favorite Austin wedding photographers? Well, she's back again with more wedding porn, this time from Stephanie & Kevin's recent wedding.

stephanie-and-kevin-1755Stephanie says: I guess the main thing that made our wedding offbeat was that we tried to do things because we liked them or because they were important to us, rather than doing things because they're just always done at weddings.

We had a "First Rock Band" rather than a first dance. This was because we love Rock Band and we do not love to dance. It's definitely one of my best memories of the night; my husband on guitar, me on the drums, and all our friends and family surrounding us and belting out "Living on a Prayer." Exuberance all around. It was awesome.


Also awesome? My shoes: five-inch platform heels in bright teal blue satin. Comfy, too, despite their height. I heart them. I need to lead a more glamorous life so I'll have more opportunity to wear them.

stephanie-and-kevin-677My husband and the groomsmen wore khakis and navy blazers because I liked the look, and tuxes seemed wrong for the relaxed feel we were going for. We figured it would be easier and more practical than renting tuxes because they could wear the blazers and khakis again. And, on some level, I guess we were going for "ironic East Coast prep" since we're Asian and we went to public schools. Take that, establishment!


We added an extra step to the thing where your guests clink the glasses and then the new couple has to kiss; we drew a question about us as a couple (or us as children) out of a hat and someone had to answer it correctly before we would kiss. If he or she got it wrong, we'd draw the name of a couple out of another hat and THEY'd have to kiss. Only the questions were apparently too easy because our guests got them right every time…


To learn more about what Whitney Lee can do for your wedding (whether it's in Austin, Denver, Chicago, or New York) head on over to Whitney's website, or check out her blog packed with wedding porn.

  1. This is so awesome! I think this is such a great alternative to the first dance. Honestly, dancing in front of a hundred people makes me really nervous–I wonder what other cool firsts I can come up with since I've never played Rock Band (I know…totally lame). I think the question idea for the kissing is bomb–I'm totally borrowing that!

  2. I just want to say this is awesome!!! My fiance and I have actually decided not to have a DJ. All music will be provided by friends/family playing Rock Band!!! Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE IT!!

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