White bridal shoes that work hard (including lots of flats!)

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How cute are these "hello love" flats? Only $50 too.
How cute are these “hello love” flats? Only $50 too.

We all know that none of us here are into the “am I offbeat enough?” line of thought. My editors and all I feel pretty strongly that if you’re browsing a website that features poly weddings, nerd weddings, and genderqueer weddings, then yes: you’re offbeat. Stop fretting! Let’s not get into offbeater-than-thou musings and instead let’s just look at some white bridal shoes.

With us offbeat types, sometimes white wedding shoes can be feel left behind, deemed as “too traditional” (whatever that means). Well, my friends, these white shoes are about to make you question everything you know about anything being “too traditional.” I tried to stay focused on true white, but you’ll see some hearts of various colors, a few colored details, and some great handpainted heels…


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  1. Just what I needed today! I bought heels and then realized that the stairs in my venue are suuuuper steep and I should probably wear flats. I just picked up the As Good as It Glitz Flats (sparkly flower cutout) linked above on sale with a coupon 😀

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