What do you do with your wedding photos after the wedding?

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Here's my question. What did you do with your photos after the wedding? Do you have them up in your house? Do you have an album? If you have an album, do you get it out and look at it regularly? … I mean, I could put one or two up, but I live in a small apartment and I don't want to turn it into a wedding theme park.

Frame 'em

Ah, the obvious answer. I, too, live in an apartment and I was conscious of not wanting to turn our small space into some kind of wedding altar. We have a framed photo on a bedside table, and a series of photos hung in a funky frame on the wall. But I found that a digital frame was an excellent way to display ALL my favorite wedding pics without looking wedding obsessed. 😉

Photo albums

Ariel's Blurb wedding album.
Perhaps your photographer included an album in their pricing? If not, you can always make your own.

As far as “how often do you look at your wedding album?” Well, it varies. I know a couple that made a coffee table book of their wedding photos and it lives on their, well, coffee table. And, since it's right in front of their guests, it gets broken out and thumbed through a lot. I have an album that I made that lives on my shelf and I never look at it. Luckily it was just put together using the actual prints that my photographer gave to us.


Thank You
Your favorite wedding photo (or photos) make great personalized holidays cards. You could also use them for all your thank you cards. What if you eloped, or had a small wedding and want to make announcements? Do it with a wedding photo.


My dad and me with his wedding photo Christmas gift.

The Christmas after I got married EVERYONE got a special wedding photo — my dad got a framed photo of him walking me down the aisle, my mom and parents-in-law got personalized albums focused on their sides of the family, my best friends got pics of all of us together, etc.


Photo and the photos inside the photo (photo inception!) by Daniel Boone Photography

The great thing about professional photos is that the quality is so great that you can enlarge your pictures and make big pieces of art to hang on the wall. This photo cluster on canvas was created and displayed by photographer Daniel Boone.

I love this because it's a bit funkier than a framed photo and clustering canvas prints together can create a really cool artistic “moment” in a room. I love the juxtaposition of the detail shot (shoes) with the portraits. I've also seen couples blow up their favorite wedding photo to be the large art piece over their fireplace.

Publish 'em

Here's our favorite option — submit a bride profile to be considered for a wedding feature on Offbeat Bride! Or, if your wedding went the more traditional route, see if your photographer will submit your photos to wedding magazines so that you can inspire others.

But you don't have to go so far as all that — you can always just publish your photos online (Facebook, your personal blog, etc.) and share the link with family and friends so that anyone can re-live the day whenever they feel the need (and have an internet connection). You could even start a group page on Flickr and let other wedding guests contribute their pics.

Any more options that I've missed? Did you do something wildly creative with your pics? A collage? Made life-size photo cut outs? Create a cool video montage? Leave your other ideas in the comments.

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  1. I think another good idea is to create a slide show with music and keep it on the computer. My mother did this for my graduation (it was running during my grad party and had pics from birth to graduation… sappy but nice) and for my robotics team in high school. My 5th grade class also had one. While I don’t watch those videos too often, when I do see them, it’s a really nice trip back in time.

    • I do a slide show of the photos every year at our anniversary party. Not sure how many people actually stop to look at them, but it makes me happy

  2. Sadly… I’ve done NOTHING with my photos. Even though I love them so very much. One of these days I’ll get around to hanging a few and making an album.

  3. We submitted our ireland wedding to a few blogs (it was featured here on obb and also on polkadot bride) i also made a couple photobooks and gave them to family 🙂

  4. RE: The digital frames. If you don’t like the frame it came in and want to make the frame funkier, most professional framers can remove the digital part and put it in a cooler, funky frame.

  5. Oh I love this post! I have totally been telling all my clients to get those images off their computers. You’d be amazed at how many people never print out their wedding pictures! I totally agree, why pay all that money for professional, high-quality pictures and not print them out for all to enjoy?
    I also offer a digital wedding album on an Ipad, instead of a traditional album, for all those techie couples who want to show their wedding pics off in a modern way

  6. I’m planning on creating a scrapbook of sorts, mainly because I’m not a fan of most guest books and this takes care of two problems at once. I’m going to have guests write notes to us on individual cards and then place them in envelopes (and chuck ’em somewhere… haven’t figured that part out yet!). Then, after the wedding, I’m going to make a scrapbook which includes photos, momentos, and the notes from our guests. This way, it’s a keepsake, and it’s interactive so every time we read it, we get to take out and read the notes, unfold and review the paper we wrote our vows on, see the photos, etc.

    I also really like the digital picture frame idea. I used to think those were weird*, but now I see that they’re great alternatives to not turning your place into a shrine of one occasion or experience.

    Finally, since I’m having an unplugged ceremony, I’m thinking of creating a little online blog to share with guests where I’ll upload some photos. I know not everyone likes/is on Facebook, and this can be made private if need be.

    * I have NO IDEA why I thought these were weird. They aren’t. I don’t know what my problem was.

  7. I am encouraging my son & new wife to create an album that has their favorite wedding photo, then add a photo of them every year on their anniversary. of course, one could add notes, thoughts, accomplishments, whatever, but I have this kind of series book for my kids – especially with Christmas photos. it’s amazing to see how people change over time.

  8. I had my vows printed over one of the photos (around the people). We had it printed on canvas and it hangs in our bedroom. Having the vows out where we can see them is a great reminder but still beautiful and artistic for being on the wall.
    You could easily do something similar in a small frame on your desk, or just have a bigger version famed instead of on canvas.

  9. I plan on blowing up a few of our engagement pictures on canvas because I found this great discount for a website that does them. If those turn out nicely, I plan to do a few more with the wedding pictures.

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