What have you learned from Offbeat Bride?

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Photo from Sara & Nick's majestic movies wedding by Vince from Making the Moment
Photo from Sara & Nick's majestic movies wedding by Vince from Making the Moment

An Offbeat Bride reader named Hespestos started a conversation called “What have you learned from your time on Offbeat Bride?” and the answers have ranged from the silly to the inspiring…

Hespestos wrote:

I was thinking about how much my time on Offbeat Bride has taught me — from practical matters to how to approach situations in my daily life. The list is long –here are just few:

The most important lesson I learned is that there are many lovely ladies out there who are tackling much larger problems than the ones with which I am dealing. My wedding planning has been far from smooth, but I should be very grateful that things are going as well as they are!

What have you learned from your time here?

And here are what some Offbeat Bride readers answered…

train station kiss

  • What steampunk is.
  • About Etsy.
  • That Australians have to say very specific words as part of their legal ceremony.
  • That corsets are gorgeous and should be everyday wear.
  • Whilst Americans might have more choice in their ceremony, having a non-religious ceremony can be really difficult, and through that I've learned what ‘seperation of church and state' actually means (I always thought it meant anything legal could not have any religious elements).
  • Holding to a budget is NOT mean.
  • That weddings are beautiful whether they're 1k or 50k.
  • In a British civil ceremony you can't have any religious elements whatsoever in the ceremony. I did not know this.
  • Part of wedding planning is learning about the new family and learning to compromise.
  • Dia de los muertos is not just another name for halloween.
  • There are a LOT of fellow World of Warcraft brides out there who are completely awesome and nerdy.
  • All the super awesome vendors that I had not previously explored.
  • That wedding planning doesn't have to be a contest. I don't have to prove to you how “wacky” I can be — I can have a traditional wedding and still be an Offbeat Bride.
  • That I'm not nearly as weird as I thought!
  • How to not get screwed by a florist.
  • Amongst many things I learned how to make paper roses!
  • There are awesome gamer chicks out there like me.
  • Being someone's wife is not at all as scary as I thought it would be.
  • That legalising gay marriage might not actually be a bad thing for the sake of love, commitment and families.
  • That I actually love tattoos.
  • About a lot of different wedding traditions associated with a lot of different cultures.
  • Just because you're using another culture as a theme for your wedding definitely doesn't mean you are a wanna-be. Maybe you just appreciate aspects of that culture.
  • I learned that there is much more to BDSM and Polyamory than just sex. Honestly it never occured to me that it could be a lifestyle, something people did all the time or that it could ever be worked into a wedding.
  • About loving who I am — not some “wedding-version” of myself, and acknowleging that is who my d00d wants to marry in the first place.
  • Just what recycling cans can accomplish.wedding
  • That I could actually LIKE weddings. I used to find them annoying because it was always the same old boring shit. But Offbeat Bride taught me that weddings don't always suck!
  • Just because there's skulls on the cake doesn't mean that the couple is goth.
  • In short, I've learned tolerance, acceptance, and, maybe most importantly, perspective.
  • Oh and also tattoo's and brightly colored hair improve any and all wedding photos.

Like I said, this conversation fascinated me, and we all wanna know… what have YOU learned from Offbeat Bride? Leave 'em in the comments…

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